The Reign of the Blue Whale Challenge: Teen Suicide a wake up call

On July 29, 2017, A Maharashtrian Teen committed suicide, in order to complete a task of the deadly Blue Whale Challenge. The Witness in the opposite Building had reported that he had called out to the boy when he saw him walking on the edge of the roof.

The Blue Whale Challenge, believed to be originated in Russia, has claimed a lot of lives since its advent. It has been reported as a suicide game which provides the players with a 50 day challenge, the ultimate one being taking on’s own life.

On asking the friends of the deceased victim, they had stated that they had been informed by the victim, that he was playing such a game and they also observed many behavioral changes in him, a few days before the commission of the suicide.

The challenge had taken a wave of followers, who were desperate to take their own life, after it became viral. many had reportedly tweeted their desires to commit suicide by way of the various tasks given by the administrators of the game. The Hashtag #I_Am_Whale and #BlueWhaleChallenge were reported as the indicators of their will to participate.

The Challenge starts with an eerie pace by asking the player to listen to a certain genre of songs followed by the task of watching a horror movie alone, however after the completion of every challenge, the user is asked to make certain cuts on his hand, which would, at the completion of the challenge, take shape of a Blue Whale.

The challenge has turned out to be extremely fatal in many countries and has by the aforementioned sad incident, taken its roots in the country. This has elevated the need of some protective and legal measures to protect the people, especially the Teenager population of the Nation, from falling a prey to this gruesome game.

The Mumbai Police has taken cognizance of the Incident and is swiftly conducting its investigation.


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