Rajsamand Murder Case: A review

December 7, 2017 was a dark day for the town of Rajsamand, when a man, by the name of Shambhu Lal Regar, brutally committed the murder of one Afrazul, while terming it as ‘love-jihad’. While this was not enough, the accused had made his 15 year old nephew, capture the entire ‘show’ in camera, where he dictated the ‘sins’ of the victim.

This incident had shaken up the entire country to its core and every citizen had just one question about how a person can hate another, with such insanity.

The video that was proudly released by the accused, showed how he had  killed Afrazul, a 36 year old laborer, from a sikle and subsequently burned his body, while stating that the latter was involved in the practice of love-jihad towards a certain woman. However, these claims were later-on denied by the woman and further investigation ascertained that the victim was killed in a case of mistaken identity.

The case, as according to the Investigating authorities, was that Shambhu Lal was in an illicit relationship and had killed the victim under a pretense that the latter was approaching his girl friend. Later on, these claims were also denied by stating that the accused had killed the victim so as to put the actual man under caution and to drive him out of the village.

Even though these speculations are of a continual nature and cannot be fully determined till the case goes to trial, the most important and enraging issue, that is being left unanswered, is the involvement of the 15 year old nephew and the effect of the entire incident, on him.

It has been recently claimed, that Shambhu Lal had pre-planned the entire plan of events and was training his nephew, since an entire month. The recent revelation of the police has stated that the accused used to bring live chicken to his household and made his nephew cut them into pieces, thereby making the latter, an accessory to murder. Evidently, the nephew, being resistant to the brutality, was able to capture the entire video and did not shed a trickle of emotion.

Therefore, another issue which needs to be answered is how did all of this, not come in the notice of the family of the accused, who still consider him, innocent. The nation is awestruck, and the accused and his village are apathetic. While the family of the deceased is in itself, a victim, but there is another victim of the crime, the nephew, who is being overlooked by the entire system of people.



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