Defamation case: Delhi HC imposes Rs 10,000 fine on Arvind Kejriwal

he Delhi High court on Wednesday slapped a cost of Rs 10,000 on chief minister Arvind Kejriwal for his failure to file a response to the second defamation suit filed by Union Minister Arun Jaitley against him. Earlier in the day, the court asked Kejriwal not to put scandalous questions to Jaitley during his cross- examination in the defamation suit.

Justice Manmohan said that the cross examination should be done in a dignified manner and in accordance with law. He further said that the dignity has to be maintained as no person can be subjected to scandalous and abusive language. The court, however, did not pass any order against the chief minister after noting that he had not asked senior advocate Ram Jethmalani to use any abusive remarks. Justice Manmohan also sought undertakings from Kejriwal’s new counsel, who would cross-examine Jaitley. Justice Manmohan also sought undertakings from Kejriwal’s new counsel, who would cross-examine Jaitley.

“I have never seen such scandalous words being used in any suit and it is uncalled for. This is not the way to conduct the cross-examination, they have to control themselves,” the court said.

“You have used some words…Do these fall under free speech? Are you aware that these are unparliamentary words?” the judge said, asking Kejriwal’s counsel senior advocate Anoop George Chaudhari to maintain decorum.

“No person can be subjected to such indecent, offensive, scandalous, abusive language in the garb of cross- examination,” the judge said.

During the proceedings, Chaudhari said, “No scandalous questions would be put at all and the questions would be in the ambit of the Evidence Act only.”


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