Part 1: Jiah Khan’s “Inconsistent” Forensic Report turning ‘Homicide’ to ‘Suicide’

Jiah Khan Death Mystery: Investigation for Truth

To complete any forensic investigation, the first and the most essential step is ruling out all the probabilities and possibilities of the various offences that may have taken place. From the possibility of homicide, going to that of an accident and ending with that of a self-committed act, it is the duty of every forensic expert, to check for signs that may support the happening of one of the other, while going by this cycle. However, in a case where the report in itself is rigged and the inconsistencies are at such a hike that even a bare unprofessional eye can point them, what should be the point of action?

A similar instance has taken place in the “Homicide” of Ms. Jiah Khan alias Nafesa Khan, with the point of difference being, that these inconsistencies have been recorder by the help of professionals who have sufficient experience in the field.

When the mother of Ms. Jiah Khan, aggrieved by the influenced report, approached another expert, practicing in the United Kingdom, she received the information that was very much expected. Most of the inferences in the Forensic detailing were not in consonance with the alleged suicide.

Dr. Jason Payne James, who is a forensic physician and a General Medical Council Specialist in Forensic and Legal Medicine, ended his 13 page extensive report by stating that the Indian forensic experts were completely wrong in not considering the possibility of homicide, given the fact that the abrasions present on the body and the missing ligature made its presence, quite apparent.

In relation to the marks present of the lips of the deceased, he ascertained that they were not a result of teeth marks, while struggling on the ligature, as mentioned in the Indian reports, but were rather the marks of assault or force that caused her to hit her head on something.

Further, quite contrary to that mentioned in the Indian reports, he stated that the mark on the posterior of her hand were caused by a strong hold of the assailant and were not post mortem in nature.

He also expressed his concerns over the distinct marks present on Ms. Jiah’s neck and stated that there is no possibility of such being caused by a duppata.

Therefore, the facts mentioned in the report, as baffling as they are, raise just one simple question: Has the forensic medicine become so outdated that they are so very inconsistent in their inferences? Or have these experts lost interest in being true to their service? Have the working with corpses ridden them of their emotions to such an extent that they are ready to settle for the happening of an event, even though there are minimal or no evidences to support it?

 To be double sure and accurate, if she was fighting for the right cause, the aggrieved mother of the deceased took a second opinion from another medical expert, Professor Deborah Bonneveld, a Forensic all-rounder, who has been practicing in the field for almost 15 long years.

While agreeing and seconding all the issues that were raised in the report of Dr. James, she raised an essential and a thought provoking question, i.e. why the Police officials did not get a follow up, after observing all such variations. She was extremely concerned about the change of the apparel of the deceased, as could be observed from the scene of the crime and the CCTV footage. Furthermore, she also questioned the presence of a single picture of the crime scene.

With numerous evidences being lost or varied, it is rattling that the police officials and the CBI investigators are satisfied with their evidences and are ready to move on with the case. Ms. Jiah was a loving daughter, a caring sister and a happy-go-lucky person and her life has been lost in vain as it has been termed as ‘suicide’ even after the presence of various evidences which speak a story to the contrary. A beautiful life has been lost and it seems that no one has cared except for that family, which is engaged in a furious battle, just for the sake of justice to their daughter.


Part 2, 3, 4 & 5 of this series to be available soon at soon.


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