‘Vande Mataram’ every week says HC

The High Court at Madras on Tuesday said that the National Song “Vande Mataram” should be played and sung in all educational institutions inclusive of schools, colleges and universities at least once a week — preferably on Mondays or Fridays.

Justice M.V. Muralidharan passed this order on a writ petition filed by K. Veeramani, in a rather bizarre case, seeking a direction to the Tamil Nadu Teacher’s Recruitment Board to award one mark to him. The petitioner deposited that he had taken the Teacher Eligibility Test in 2013in which he answered the National Song to be written in Bengali, however, the answer key gave it as Sanskrit.
In the order, Justice M.V. Muralidharan directed the TRB to award the mark to Mr. Veeramani. It was also observed by him that-“Patriotism is an essential requirement for every citizen of this country. The fact that this country is our Motherland should always be remembered by every citizen of this country. Several people have sacrificed their lives and families to the independence struggle that prolonged for several decades. In these tough times, it was songs like our National Song ‘Vande Mataram,’ which created a sense of belief and confidence in the people”. He also said that the National Song “should be played and sung in all government offices and institutions, private companies, factories, and industries at least once a month. The Director of Public Information was also directed to upload and circulate the translated version of “Vande Mataram” in Tamil and English thereby making it available on the government websites and also in social media.

The court also said, “In the event, any person/ organisation has difficulty in singing or playing the national song, he or she shall not be compelled or forced to sing it, provided there are valid reasons for not doing so.”


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