The Most Uneducated Politicians of India

It is shocking and surprising to know that many Indian politicians who successfully made a mark in the field of politics, have failed to shine in their academics.

Here’s the List:



Another well-known Tamil movie actress turned into politician is Ms. Jayalalitha who is the current Chief Minister of TamilNadu state. She was very good in her studies and after her matriculation, she had got a scholarship to pursue her further education, though she declined to start the career of films. She is one of those stars from Bishop Cottons Girls High Schools from Bangalore and went on continuing school in Chennai’s Presentation Convent Church Park until she got an opportunity to act in films. If she could, she was interested in becoming a lawyer and even today her interests are in studying law. She is the first woman leader in Tamil Nadu from opposition party. She was on and off a Chief Minister many a times and has a tough competition with the DMK leader M. Karunanidhi.

Rabri Devi:


Rabri Devi, wife of former Chief Minister of Bihar, Laloo Prasad Yadav successfully served three terms as the Chief Minister of Bihar between the year 1997 and 2005. Rabri joined politics after her husband was compelled to resign for his involvement in the fodder scam. Rabri Devi is almost an illiterate who has not completed even her junior level schooling, was been appointed to rule the second populated state that is Bihar, and a place said to have more crimes. Rabri Devi was born in the year 1959 and was married at the age of 14. Until she was dragged by her husband into politics, she was a housewife and a mother. It is believed that Lalooji did control Bihar through his wife when she was appointed as the Chief Minister of Bihar in the year 1997. Though Rabri Devi did not have any much experience in politics, she learned fast and today she is a member of the Bihar legislative council representing from RJD party.


It is a natural thing in today’s India that most of the cine actors entering into politics, and the famous Tamil actor Vijaykanth is one of those film hero, who continued his journey in politics. Vijayakanth is well-known as Captain for his famous role from the movie Captain Prabhakaran. He could not pursue his education after standard 12th and was asked to join his father’s rice mill. He won the 2011 Legislative assembly elections. He started a party called “Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam”. He has received many awards in his career of films. He could win only one seat in politics when contested for elections in the year 2006, but he won again in the year 2011.

Phoolan Devi:

Phoolan Devi was a dreaded dacoit of the country before she surrendered and entered politics. She never got a chance to enlighten herself with education as she was married off to a much older man at a very tender age. Many a times, she faced molestation and sexual assault from various men and this has paved way for her to dacoity. However, she surrendered at the later stage and was released on parole where the government of Uttar Pradesh withdrew all cases against her.  Then on, she dedicated herself towards serving the masses and joined Samajwadi party. She became a member of parliament from Mirzapur until she was assassinated outside her residence in the Capital.



Karunanidhi, one of the famous politician and ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has claimed that he has discontinued his education post matriculation examinations.  But he is gifted with a remarkable talent of writing and has successfully penned down a lot of Tamil poems, books, screenplays, and stage plays as well. Since the death of DMK’s leader Annadurai in 1969,Karunanidhi became the head of the DMK party. He entered politics in an early age of 14.

Vatal Nagaraj:


Vatal Nagaraj, a politician from Karnataka is the Ex MLA of Chamarajnagar.  He is the president of ‘Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha’. Ngaraj is mainly credited for keeping Kannada language and the spirit of Kannada culture alive in a city like Bangaluru, where the migration from other states and other languages emerges tremendously over the years. This active stance protector of the state’s language and culture is just a 10th standard drop out. Despite this fact, he is closely admired for his oratory skills by an icon like Rajinikanth.

Jaffer Sharief:

The former Railway minister from Bangalore is also a Matriculate pass. He was a driver to Nijalingappa, before he stepped into politics. He is the pioneer behind the initiation of the Wheel and Axle Company in the Bangalore, which serves in the preparation of railway trains. He was charged for spending officially money for his personal use and was registered an FIR against him. Recently he celebrated his 77th Birthday in his home at Coles Park. Recently he sent in a resignation letter from being the leader of Congress, and was asked for a meeting by the nation’s Congress president to discuss the reasons. Though the speculation for his resignation is the denial of a ticket to his grandson, he denied the matter.

Golma Devi:


Golma Devi, the wife of the Meena community leader Kirori Lal Meena, was elected as an MLA in spite of the fact that she was illiterate. Surprisingly, she could not even read out her oath during the swearing ceremony.

However, the chief minister of Rajasthan who appointed and backed her candidature remarked that it is not at all essential to be well educated to serve the masses but strong leadership quality is more than enough. On the other hand, Golma declared that with her assistant’s help, she can prove herself best despite being an illiterate.


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