What Happens When You Never Pay a Speeding Ticket?

Speeding Tickets in Pennsylvania

The worst thing you could do after getting charged with a speeding ticket is pretending that nothing happened. Unless you successfully contest your citation, a speeding violation in Pennsylvania can be devastating. Depending on how fast you were speeding, you risk hefty criminal fines, administrative penalties, and even license suspension.

If you are facing a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania, it is essential that you understand the charges filed against you and their associated penalties.


What Does a Speeding Ticket Cost?

The fines for a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania are uniform across the state and depend on how fast you were speeding when you got pulled over. The dollar amount of the citation should be printed on it. However, if the cost is not present, a breakdown of Pennsylvania’s traffic fines is always available.

The fine depends on how fast you were driving and the speed zone in which you committed the violation. For instance, if you were driving ten mph above the speed limit in a 25-55 mph speed zone, the cost of your citation is $45 plus any additional administrative fees. If you were driving 35 mph above the speed limit and in the same zone, the fine would increase to $95. Penalties are higher in speed zones of 65 mph or higher. For example, in a 70mph speed zone, you will pay $52.50 for driving ten mph over the legal limit and $102.50 for speeding by 35 mph.


Extra Fees

Apart from the criminal fine, there are some surcharges and court fees you will have to pay when served with a speeding ticket. For instance, you may be required to pay a $45 court fee if you request a hearing. You may also be charged with a general fund fee that ranges from $30-$30. Regardless of your situation, the additional fees associated with your case depend on the violation and degree of offense.


The Consequences of Failing to Pay a Speeding Ticket

The consequences of failing to pay a speeding ticket can be devastating. If you fail to resolve your citations by a certain deadline, the court will generate a DL-38 form to have your license suspended. When this happens, you will have to address your tickets in court and pay a $25 PennDot restoration fee to reinstate your driving privileges.

If you were caught driving with a suspended license caused by unresolved traffic citations, the penalty for a conviction includes a mandatory one-year license suspension. This could heavily restrict your ability to travel and may even affect your job.


Fighting Your PA Speeding Ticket

The penalties for ignoring a traffic ticket are not to be trifled with. Contesting your speeding ticket could help you avoid hefty fines, a license suspension, and increased insurance premiums. If you need help fighting your traffic charges, hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Philadelphia is essential to getting the best possible result for your case. Either way, when you get a ticket, don’t forget to take care of it.


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