Vidhi Aagaz Journal Scholar’s Paradise [Volume 1, Issue 1]

Vidhi Aagaz, is an organization which aims to improve the writing skills & raise the voice of common individuals.

In order to achieve its aim, Vidhi Aagaz is honoured to invite the writings for the Volume 1, Issue 1 of its journal “Scholar’s Paradise”.

About the Journal:

“Scholar’s Paradise” is a quarterly, blinded peer review journal of Law, Management, & Humanities. All submitted papers will be sent to reviewers. Selection of papers for publication will depend on the discretion of reviewers.


Scholar’s Paradise aims to promote the writing skills of common people as well as scholars and to provide them a platform to showcase their talent.

The First Issue of First Volume of the Journal [Issue 1, Volume 1 (2017)] is decided to be published on September 2017.

Submission Deadline:

All the interested one’s are invited to submit their papers to us at till 26th August 2017.


The theme is open for the First Issue of the Journal. Author(s) can write on any relevant topic.

Submission Guidelines:

The submissions may be made under the following categories; the word limit is exclusive of footnotes:

Research paper : 4000-6000 words

Article: 3000-5000 words

Essay : 2000-3000 words

Book reviews: 1500-2000 words

Short Note & Case Comment: 1000 – 2000 words

Submission Procedure:

The author(s) should mail their writings to


For any clarification or queries, feel free to

Mail us at

Call us at 7067-17-7067

Facebook Page:





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