Vakya; 1st Opinion Writing Competition

Vakya; 1st Opinion Writing Competition

बोल कि लब आज़ाद हैं तेरे

बोल ज़बाँ अब तक तेरी है

बोल कि सच ज़िंदा है अब

– Faiz Ahmed Faiz

We live in a world full of intolerance where seldom we are comfortable in freely projecting our own views and ideas. Various factors prohibit us from sharing our own take on a given matter, such as the desire to conform to the established norm, peer pressure, an unsupportive audience, and lack of confidence or the unavailability of a space which will enable to freely voice your opinion.

Yes, we have social media, but nowadays, even that is full of haters, bullies, trolls and other people who are intolerant of ideas which do not match with their own.

We, at Vakya, strongly felt the need for such a forum, where students can write their personal opinions and engage in healthy discussions with other students, without facing any intolerance.

With the objective to provide you a platform to put your thoughts, opinions, ideas and views we present “Vakya- 1st Opinion Writing Competition.”



Any one of the following:-

  1. “Acche Din” will do to Modi what “Shining India” did to Vajpayee.
  2. Right to Die with Dignity – A Fundamental Right
  3. Nationalism Over Globalization
  4. Leadership Crisis In Opposition
  5. The future of Left in India


Terms of Participation & Submission Guidelines


  1. Participants must be a student pursuing any course within India. Co-authorship is not permitted.
  2. The participation fee is Rs. 150/- (non-refundable) only payable through PAYTM via mobile number 7087527172.
  3. Submissions should be typed in size 12, font Times New Roman and not exceeding 1,000 words in English Language. Sources must be identified clearly.
  4. The Opinion must be submitted to VAKYA via email only to and CC to .
  5. The attachment (opinion-write up) must be accompanied by a covering email providing the title, the participant’s name, address, the name of course and institution with proof of payment of the entry fee, mobile number and Email ID.
  6. Submissions to be original. Plagiarism would lead to immediate disqualification. The submission file shall be in MS Word Format.
  7. Last Date for Registration is 12 April 2018.
  8. No Opinion submissions shall be entertained if received after 11:59 PM, 15 April 2018.
  9. Best Opinion write-ups will be updated on official website.


  1. Exciting Cash Prizes to top 3 rankers.
  2. Certificate of Merit to top 3.
  3. Certificate of Appreciation to next 10.
  4. Certificate of Participation to all.

*Certificate of Merit/ Certificate of Appreciation/ Certificate of Participation shall be emailed to the participants after the results will be declared.

Results will be declared on April 30,2018.

The Registration Form is here.



  • Muskan Nagpal (Calling 8847699743,Whatsapp-7087527172)
  • Gautam Kumar (8755014760)

For more details please visit our website,



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