Top Reasons: Why lawyers exit their profession?

Non-lawyers have no clue why and how many lawyers leave this profession yearly. After paying for law school, constant nagging of professors, passing all exams especially bar exam then after all those things people walk away from a life of a lawyer? Have you ever wonder why? Who do they do this? There are plenty reasons and some of them will astonish you. Facing the hard reality that one has to be really hard-working as a lawyer to make their way in this profession. Whether it be demands of clients to deadlines in court, pushy co-workers or partners in the law firm, work commitments, late nights in the office, sacrificing social life because of these issues one leave this profession to search for better work/life balance.

The Pressure

Long working hours and constant pressure trying to prevail in an inherently adversarial system, lawyers also deal with very serious, real-life problems (involving emotional and important aspects of peoples’ lives, such as family, money, freedom and so on) with lots of stress and pressure from superiors. Over times are countless, pressure is unbearable, if one wants to make a way as a leading lawyer.

The Constant Arguing

Some pressure is inevitable in this field but constant arguing goes for most of the litigators over precedent and facts in court, it will grind you and stress you daily and many give up because of it.

The Lack of Control

Due to the long working hour, one must lose their lack of control. It is one of the essential to get success and happiness in this profession because due to non-cooperation one can highly frustrated.This is why many lawyers leave (or opt out of firms and other large organizations to open their own solo practices).

Boredom With the Work

Modern legal work is boring and tiresome.  If you went to law school with visions of giving often, compelling opening and closing arguments in court and executing surgical cross-examinations on a regular basis, the reality of modern law practice might come as a harsh surprise. Very less any case end up in a trial and most of this work consist of writing in office and doing research work. The law itself, in theory, is pretty fascinating. Who think daily grinding will be easy to adapt are the one who leaves this profession even after attending law school.

The money isn’t great

For many lawyers who struggling presently, after law school debt are fond of big bucks in return when they try to work for someone or working for themselves but even though if they earn millions per year are trying to sacrifice their life by working for long hours daily to attain that post. So in order to fail in earning money tend to divert themselves and leave the profession.

The nature of the attorney-client relationship

A lawyer’s responsibility is to take some problem, analyze it and find solutions. It’s challenging and intellectual pursuit, but it’s also a stressful one and few clients are difficult to deal. Often times, issues are raised, necessitating to try to meet deadlines. Few clients’ problems cannot be solved, but merely managed. Few clients are unappreciative of the work they receive, even when they win. Almost no one is pleased with the costs, even when cases are staffed and run efficiently. And once in a while, clients will try to skip out on bills.



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