Top 10 Reasons to become a Lawyer

Law as a career is nothing short of an extraordinary and exciting endeavour. It is no doubt that successfully becoming a lawyer requires enormous time commitment and financial investment. Adding to that, dealing with long working hours and cranky clients become common daily activities and a part of life. Thus it is of essential need for aspirants to know the reasons as to why one should choose law as a career and decide to become a lawyer. Here are top 10 reasons why you should become a lawyer:


  1. Salary

It is an undisputed fact that it is one of the biggest incentives to study law and choose it as a career option. Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals, globally. Even as you gradually start out in your career, you can reasonably expect to make a good fortune within a short span of time after your graduation. Rarely do any other career offer such high starting pay packages. Thus it can be considered to be the topmost incentive to become a lawyer.

  1. Prestige

Law as a career has proved to be a seal of prestige and reputation over generations and time immemorial. Impressive and highly qualified degrees obtained at the end of the courses; a general notion of authority over the others have brought lawyers under the ‘elite’ ambit of professionals with whose names are attached the terms, “respect” and “prestige”. They epitomize the definition of success and professionalism. Today’s date sees lawyers enjoying an elite, professional and glamorous status among other careers.

  1. Opportunity to Help Others.

Furtherance of public good and ensuring justice and fair treatment to all and sundry in the society by duly helping individuals, groups and organizations with their legal hurdles prove to be the best features that exist in the career prospect of a lawyer. Public lawyers aid legal causes for the greater societal good and assist those who need legal help and might not be able to find so on their own. Underprivileged people, elderly, victims of domestic abuse and children are among the beneficiaries of lawyers. Such lawyers serve an important societal and moral purpose with their existence.

  1. Diverse career and practice areas

As legal profession gradually evolves with the contemporary times, increased number of streams of specializations and a broad array of sub-specialities has eliminated any scope for an individual to feel at a loss of opportunities and their areas of interests. There are uncountable areas that range from the black and white corporate and criminal world to the field of research in animal law to sport, space, marine, fashion and media law. The range is never ending. Thus an individual will definitely find his/her appropriate area of interest and thereby embark on a journey to excel in the same.


  1. Global Influence

Lawyers are always in a position different from others, to affect the society in terms of great impact by being thought leaders and agents of change. They can make or break the society, bring about huge changes and hold influential positions in the ruling body of a state, i.e. the Government. Accordingly, lawyers are able to influence the top policy makers, tycoons, entrepreneurs, leaders and affect the entire world by bringing about change

  1. Networking

One of the most interesting incentives to pursue a career in law is the experience of networking since the student age for diverse range of work and research and thereby expanding horizon by leaps and bounds. Lawyers meet people from diverse backgrounds, from almost every field of life. Networking with clients not only will expand business skills, but will also lead to other perks in terms of basic amenities of life, like contractors, brokers, doctors and even foodies!


  1. Knowledge of the law.

The fundamental and probably the best incentive to study law and pursue a career on the same is having the knowledge of law, having an idea about the law of the land which will come handy in every aspect of life, such as dealing with real estate, car accident, creating a will, a bond, making any kind of sale or purchase. Often you will encounter friends, family and acquaintances coming to you for legal advise, issues relating to business or any unofficial advice too. Getting through life is also easier when you know the legal norms to comply with.

  1. Command over speech.

When you start studying law, you start regularly participating in activities where you need to speak out your opinions and thoughts aloud, along with the result of your researches. Regular culture of debating, mooting, presentations, group discussions, conferences in the law schools, brushes and shapes your legal jargon, builds a rich vocabulary and allows you to fascinate the laymen with your speaking skills. It becomes easier to convince the other party when you are confident in your speaking and convey your thoughts smoothly. And a good speaker portrays a brilliant image of himself in the mind of others.

  1. Job fulfilment and variety

Having a student and professional life, studying law is as fascinating as it can get. There would not be a single moment when you would feel bored or monotonous of the subject or the work that you are doing. There are challenges to deal with and branstorming to do, at every step. Fulfilment of work and satisfaction of the same is something that makes law as a career starkly different and better than other career options. Additionally, variety of work experience and field to work on is another important incentive that plays an essential role. Each day is filled with something new and interesting.


  1. Attires

Last but not the least, lawyers’ attires and their presentability speaks loudly about their personality and the glamorously elite professional world that they are a part of. Italian suits, white collars, black robes, each of them have the significance and the appeal that are eye-catching and head-turning.


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