Top 10 Bollywood Movies on ‘Law’ to Watch

The world of cinematography in India is enormous. Bollywood has tried and tested almost all genres and have made an exceptional success. Court rooms and advocates have been on the hit list as well. From the monochromatic era the court room fiasco has been shown on the silver screen and they actors have done justice to the characters as well.

  1. Kanoon

BR Chopra, a renowned film director directed this movie in 1960 with court room drama and suspense. The film presents a case against capital punishment, arguing that witnesses may be genuinely deceived, and their consequent unintentionally tendered false testimony may lead someone wrongly to the scaffolds.

  1. Lakhon Ki Baat

In 1984, Basu Chatterjee, unfolded the heinous agenda behind the mind of debauches advocates who sees all opportunity as money making opportunity, but couldn’t  sustain the scaffolds as truth takes the front desk.

  1. Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho

In 1984 only, Saeed Akhtar Mirza directed an art film which was a satirical movie on the poor judicial system. The film talks about cases which are being stretched in the court room for decades and plaintiffs lose all hope and money. Meanwhile, the corrupt run free, thanks to their corrupt lawyers.

  1. Damini- Lightening

Rajkumar Santoshi in the year 1993 brought the story of a woman fighting for justice in the man- ruled world. The film is being considered to be the best women centric movie to be made at those times.

  1. Shaurya

In 2008 Samar Khan written and directed the movie Shaurya. It had two more story writer Jaydeep Sarkar and Aparna Menon. The story has been set against the backdrop of Kashmir conflicts. The movie revolves around a case of court martial against a Muslim officer Javad Khan for shooting his commanding officer and the lead actor plays the role of Javed Khan Advocate.

  1. Jolly LLB 1 & 2

Jolly LLB 1: Released in 2013, the story has been written and directed by Subash Kapoor. The story is inspired on the real accident of 1999 where Sanjeev Nanda is charged with hit and run case, and small reference is given to Priyadarshni Mattoo case. The story focuses on the fight of 6 innocent wage earners and their rights, and on the way to earn justice the monopoly of behavior of the rich and judicial corruption.

Jolly LLB 2:  Jolly LLB 2, starring Akshay Kumar and Huma Qureshi, tells the story of a small-time lawyer who is faced with a pivotal case in his career. Check out some pictures and trivia from the movie.

  1. Shahid

In 2013, directed Hansal Mehta, based his story on the life of a lawyer Shahid Azmi, who was a human right activist as well. He was assassinated in 2010 in Mumbai.

  1. Aitraaz

Aitraaz was an Indian Hindi romantic thriller movie which tells a story of a man accused of sexual harassment by his female superior. The movie has been directed by Abbas- Mustan and produced by Subash Ghai.

  1. Awara

1951, it has been era of Mr. Raj Kapoor, an exceptional and phenomenal actor as well as director. He portrayed the court proceeding in a realistic and simple manner which is bound to be credited.

  1. Baat Ek Raat Ki

A mystery story with courtroom drama of a lawyer defending the guilty and rightly investigating the case to find the actual mastermind of the murder plot..  Released in 1962 and directed by Shankar Mukherjee.

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