The Fake Story of Kanhaiya: Reality Exposed by true journalism of Ravish, ABP & Intoday

Frankly, this is getting downright scary now. That people would go to such extents – lying, doctoring vidoes just to frame a student is staggering. Did they even think of that young man’s life and career? Is being a social activist a crime? Speaking against casteism, feudalism, or the sangh is a crime now? What if this had caused riots or violence to spill on to the streets? Who would be responsible? Where is this going to end? Where is the greed and single-mindedness of the ruling party going to the take the country? Praying for sense to prevail..praying that the aam janta come to their senses and dont go down the road of violence, anarchy and fascism. The whole country is burning in fire of hatred for nothing. A fake video becomes an instrument for some media houses to get TRP and divide the nation. But still some Media Houses are there to take a stand doing their part of duty and responsibility as Media is said to be Fourth Pillar of democracy.

India Today Group, NDTV & ABP News are the ones who are exposing the facts that needs to be uncover else other media houses and political groups are all set to divide the nation for their benefit of TRP gain and votebank for Politics. TV channels like NDTV, India Today TV and ABP News, aired programmes which sought to prove that the video was doctored. They showed what could be the original video which had different slogans.

In the video, he is seen outside the JNU administration building with a group of students. He chants what he wants freedom from and the crowds respond with ‘azaadi’.

“Bhukhmari se… azaadi. Sanghvad se… azaadi. Samantvad se… azaadi. Punjivad se… azaadi. Brahmanvad se… azaadi. Manuvad se… azaadi. Hum lekar rahenge… azaadi. Tum kuch bhi kar lo… azaadi. Hai haq humaari… azaadi. Hai jaan se pyari… azaadi. Dangaiyon se… azaadi (Freedom from hunger. Freedom from Sangh. Freedom from feudalism. Freedom from capitalism. 

Here’s the Reality of The Viral Video exposed by ABP News. Watch & Decide.

Here’s the India Today Take on exposing the Truth of Fake Video, Watch:

On February 19, for the primetime show on NDTV, he blacked out the screen. His message: TV debates are plunging us into darkness.

The veteran journalist challenged the sensational coverage of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) controversy. Quite arguably, he came up with the best perspective on the ‘nationalist v/s anti-nationalist’ saga which is dividing the nation on ideological lines. Ravish did not shy away from slamming prime time news anchors Deepak Chaurasia and Arnab Goswami for blatantly taking the far-right stand.

Just when television channels were shouting hoarse over the ongoing JNU crisis, Ravish Kumar of NDTV did something that has probably no parallel in recent television history.

Thank you Ravish-NDTV, ABP & India Today for being responsible Journalism protector.

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Anuj Kumar,

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Legal Desire Media & Publications


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