Tech professionals and Legal Enthusiasts met at The Legal Tech Fair, 2017

Dr. Subramanian Swamy at Legal Tech Fair, 2017

The Legal Tech Fair ’17 organised at The Lalit, New Delhi by Myadvo and Law Pundits plunged with great words of the organizers pointing out the background of this one of a kind legal expo where tech professionals and legal enthusiasts join together to weave the strings of law and technology to make India a better nation.

The importance of technology in Law is immense. The aim of Legal Tech Fair is to bring together the latest available technologies that lawyers can use to leverage their practice, as well introduce the specific companies that are operating in the legal tech space in India and discuss ideas on the growth of the legal tech sector in India.

Mr. Ram Jethmalani, whom most of the legal professionals admire graced the occasion. While the audience was enthusiastic to know his opinion on technology in legal profession, he highlighted importance of technology in law, he also emphasized on conventional methods of research. He ended with a really thoughtful note, “Use your technology to find out who is an honest politician!?”

Panel discussion 1 addressed the burning questions: The relevance of technology in Indian Legal Industry and how technology has and will enable the profession? Senior Advocates shared their tech friendly experiences and discussed how India is not culturally and collectively not ready for technological changes. Technological changes are big and adopting it in a diverse country like India local restraints including lack of trust, infrastructural deformities and growing needs of this competitive and complex profession.

The advancement of big data and data analytics has had an impact on nearly every industry and profession on the globe- a trend that is only going to progress further.Pointing that the first shift has already happened, the exhibitors highlighted how research has gone online, sharing is now easy, finding judgments, drafting is now made convenient because of technological advancements.

This means that legal professionals can spend less time searching for answers and more time towards preparation for the legal proceedings. Although the analytics within the legal research space are still in their developmental phase, it’s obvious to see why more lawyers are likely to equip their teams with this kind of technology.

Panel discussion 2 took to address the legal entrepreneurial concerns. In an industry defined by adherence to the letter of the law, the numerical and mathematical foundation of analytics makes it a powerful tool for lawyers, and those within the broader legal spectrum. Expressing their concerns debaters stated that because of various user friendly tools probably the growing technological uses threatens the small scale legal personnels. Thus, the discussion headed towards addressing the mitigation of positive and negative effects that technology has on the legal profession.

Third Panel Discussion 3 focused on technological vision for law firms. While Law firms hold an important percentage of the Legal professionals they are known to provide quality and client culture is at next level. All that remains is to constitute- and program- the technology accordingly to ensure that justice does not get replaced with rigid legal frameworks that are lacking the ability to consider circumstance and mercy, as human nature still plays a key role in the legal system.

One of the main reasons why lawyers in India have not been able to use technology to leverage their practice is because of the lack of awareness of the innovative products and services that are available and accessible for the lawyers.

The fair at this stage witnessed Hon’ble Dr. Subramanian Swamy, who addressed the gathering and highlighted how India under Hon’ble Prime Minister’s guidance is heading towards a technologically advanced India. Enunciating how various government departments are promoting paperless and hassle free transparent functioning, Sir highlighted the importance of tools and technology in the legal profession.

While in the fourth session, the presence of Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Justice Anil Dave, Shri P.K Malhotra made the discussion multilateral representing the three organs of the country. While the moderator kick started the discussion with noting the present level to which the government has embraced technology to how far judiciary is still to go imbibing technology. While highlights were given how various High courts have started separate E-courts, provision for scanned files and the necessary documents pertaining to the cases. How judges need to be technologically equipped and trained so as to go paperless and faceless. Where concerns were raised regarding the live screening of the proceedings in the court to appreciate transparency a clear effort to have a hassle free and quick justice delivery system was reflected.

Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is also of the view that Government and Indian Judiciary should also be tech savvy like the youth of the country. “Convergence of technology and judicial system is the need of the hour. We need to go digital and adopt online analysis of legal cases. Dissemination of legal knowledge to the common man will also go a long way in improving the law and order of the country.

The Fair was a success intertwining the various legal and tech experts embracing them with a golden opportunity to interact with the various tech providers and legal recipients and vice-a-versa. Looking forward to the next edition!

Event Reported by: Samanvi, Shweta and Masoom (Team Legal Desire Press)



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