Venue: International Training Centre, National Law School of India University, Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru
Date: 5th – 10th October, 2015

About the Course:

Sports Law is not an isolated branch of law, rather it is a multidimensional law sourced from international and national regulations with elements from constitutional law, contract law, intellectual property law, competition law, insurance law inter alia. The course aims to present a consolidated structure of Sports Law in India, in theory as well as in applied form.

Who will benefit from this course?

 Lawyers and students with career aspirations in Sports Law
 Sports Industry Professionals
 Representatives of Governing Bodies.
 Academician interested in Sports Law Course

Course Content:

 Sports Organisations & Governance
 Constitutional Law: Issues & Implications in sports
 Public-Private-People Relationship in Sports: Policy Issues
 Contract Management and Risk Insulation in Sports
 Sports and Intellectual Property Rights
 Broadcasting and Media Rights in Sports
 Sports and Relevance of Competition Law
 Issues of Criminal Liability in Sports
 Medicine and Legal Liability in Sports
 Sports and Insurance Law
 Sports Persons – Ads, Endorsements and Marketing: Legal Issues and Implications

Registration Fee – INR 11,400/-