SC agrees to modify its order on playing National Anthem in cinema hall

The Supreme Court has decided to consider a plea which challenges its order that made compulsory for cinema halls to play the national anthem.

The division bench of former Justices Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy passed the order, stating the citizens should express their “love for the motherland.” It also added that the court cannot inculcate patriotism through its orders. The order also stated cinema halls should display the national flag on the screen when the national anthem is played.

The Bench said it is the duty of every citizen to show respect when the national anthem is played or recited or sung under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act of 1951.

The court in its order said the practice would “inculcate a feeling of committed patriotism and nationalism.”

Further, the court asked the Centre to frame rules on the matter by January 9.

On 30 November 2016, the Supreme Court has ruled that the national anthem should be mandatorily played in all cinema halls across the country before the screening of any film and that all present in the hall must “stand up in respect” till the anthem played.


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