Salman Khan sentenced to five years in jail

A sessions court in Mumbai on Wednesday held Salman Khan guilty in the hit-and-run case and sentenced the Bollywood superstar for five years in jail.

Additional Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande reading out his judgment said “all charges have been proved against the actor“. “You were driving the car, without a licence and you were under the influence of alcohol,” the judge told Salman, who was present in the court.

On September 28, 2002, Salman’s Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into a roadside bakery in Bandra West, close to his seafront home in Galaxy Apartments, leaving four people sleeping outside injured. One of them died late.

Khan had said his driver was behind the wheel, but the judge said the actor was driving the car and was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Legal experts expect the actor to appeal against the verdict.

He could have been jailed for 10 years. But correspondents say the guilty verdict is a huge setback for Khan who is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, appearing in more than 80 Hindi-language films.

13:30 pm: Salman Khan will be taken to the Arthur road jail, Security is being beefed up.

13:25 pm: Salman Khan held sentenced to five years in jail for rash and negligent driving. He will be taken into custody immediately and sent to jail.

13:20 pm: Sentencing could take some time as power goes off inside the Mumbai courtroom.

13:19 pm: Prosecution to move a perjury application against Salman Khan’s driver Ashok Singh for giving false testimony.

Ironical! Salman on December 19, 2014 had himself tweeted :To save 1 innocent life is to save entire humanity , to kill 1 innocent life is like killing entire humanity

12:50 pm Judge likely to announce quantum of punishment for Salman at 1:10 pm today.

12:44 pm: Salman khan seen standing with sisters Alvira and Arpita and manager Reshma, also he spoke to someone on phone briefly.

12:31 pm Salman Khan has stepped down from the witness box, he is seeing talking to his sisters.

12:27 pm Prosecution concludes arguments.

12:23 pm Prosecution says sentencing should be a deterrent for the society. Salman Khan should get the maximum sentence permitted by law.

12:23 pm “Since Salman has been found guilty under section 304 (II) it will become hard for him to leave without a large punishment. In such a condition, he will have to go to high court. Both the circumstance will be heard there,” says NCP leader Majeed Memon.

12:19 pm: Satish Kaushik: We have to respect the court decision, but I can say all these years Salman Khan has done a lot of social work

12:16 pm Defence arguments end. Public Procecutor beings the arguments.

12:16 pm Please enhance the fine but do not send me to jail beyond 3 years,” Salman’s lawyers say on his behalf.

12:15 pm “Salman is responsible for the lively hood of many people at large and the judgement is too harsh. I hope he gets some reprieve in appeal,” tweets Farah Khan.

12:15 pm I have suffered the trial as an ordinary citizen and must be sentenced as ordinary citizen

12:14 pm Defence argues in court that he cannot be punished only because he is an actor. “Salman not doing humanity under compelling court order, he has been doing it since 2007 and this should be taken into account during the sentencing,” Salman’s lawyers say.

12:12 am: Salman’s lawyers submit a balance sheet of film star’s social welfare organisation Being Human.

12:09 am: 42 crore has been disbursed by Being Human, says Defence in court. Salman’s lawyers also tell court court that the actor does a lot of social work. “Being Human was set up in 2007. It is working in education and healthcare, pediatric care sector. It works in the area of preventable blindness,” the lawyers say.

12:08 am: “I am a founder trustee of Being Human and have done a lot of social work,” says Salman Khan’s lawyers in court.

12:08 am: Public Prosecutor seeks a maximum sentence of 10 years for Salman Khan

12:06 am: Police has now shut the doors of courtroom 52 after spat with media, a section of the media stranded outside the courtroom

12:03 am: Shakti Kapoor: I am very sad to hear this, this is very depressing. Salman is a law abiding citizen.

11:55 am: Salman Khan’s mother unwell after hearing the verdict.

11:54 am: Commotion inside the court after some people prevented by the police from entering the court.

11:49 am: Defence says that it is ready to pay whatever compensation the court deems fit.

11:45 am: Salman Khan’s sisters Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Arpita Khan Sharma are in tears in the courtroom.

11:42 am: Defence argues in court that Supreme Court has not given more than 3 years sentence in road accident cases in the past.

11:42 am: Salman listens to verdict with tears in his eyes.

11:41 am: Actor Hema Malini responds to the verdict, says it is very sad. “I will pray for a lesser sentence. I have full sympathy with him,” she said.

11:40 am: The judge said said that it is not probable that Salman’s driver Ashok Singh was driving the car. “All charges against you are proven. Court has come to conclusion that you were driving the car under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

11:38 am: Arguments still on but Sohail and Baba Siddiqui have left court.

11:30 am: Court asks Salman what he has to say. The actor denies charges and claims that he was not driving the car.

11:30 am: Court relies upon judgements in Alistair Pereira case and Nikhil Nanda BMW case of Delhi while convicting Salman Khan.

11:28 am: If the sentence is less than three years, he is likely to get bail immediately otherwise he will have to appeal in the Bombay high court which goes on vacation from Friday.

11:20 am: Defence is arguing on the sentencing which is likely to take place today.

11:16 am: Salman looks impassive, holds sides of witness box and looks around to family for support.

11:15 am: Judge observes that Salman was driving under the influence of alcohol.

11:14 am: Mumbai Sessions Court holds Salman Khan guilty of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

11:10 am: Judge observes that it is ‘not probable’ that Ashok Singh was driving the vehicle. Judge asks Salman what he has to say.

11:08 am: The judge enters the courtroom, Salman enters witness box. Verdict soon!

10:50 am: The judge is yet to arrive inside the courtroom. Salman’s entire family except his parents in court.

10:40 am: Salman Khan is standing outside the courtroom wearing a white shirt. His sisters Alvira and Arpita are also inside the court.

10:35 am: Salman Khan arrives in court.

10:25 am: There are voices of dissent also being heard from the crowd. A group of Tamilians is protesting against Salman outside the court. They are angry over the actor’s visit to Sri Lanka in the past to support former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

10:20 am: Salman’s sisters Arpita also tweeted in her brother’s support. “Today is a big day for us & we know we are not alone. Thank you for your Dua’s , love & support always. God bless!,” she tweeted.

10:18 am: Along with Sohail, Atul Agnihotri, Baba Siddique, manager Reshma Shetty are also in court.

10:16 am: Salman’s brother Sohail Khan has reached the sessions court.

10:11 am: Support has been pouring in for the actor from the film industry.

“In Dubai.. But thoughts n prayers are still in Mumbai with @BeingSalmanKhan n his family,” Farah Khan tweeted.

“I have known @BeingSalmanKhan for many years now, as a friend. May he have the fortitude to face his destiny today,” Pritish Nandy tweeted.

10:10 am: Elaborate security arrangements have been made at the court ahead of the verdict.

9:45 am: Salman Khan leaves his residence in Mumbai. He is likely to meet his lawyer before reaching the sessions court for the verdict.

A strong posse of policemen has been deployed at the Mumbai sessions court which is set to deliver its verdict in the 2002 hit-and-run case involving Bollywood actor Salman Khan.


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