Revenue earned through child labour is a belittling, says Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Saturday vowed to make Tamil Nadu a child labour free state and termed the revenue generated from it as a “belittling” one.

Speaking on the eve of the World Day Against Child Labour, the Chief Minister also listed out several initiatives taken by her government to ensure that children were sent to school and not employed in work.

“The revenue earned through child labour is a belittling one for both the household and the nation and realising this we shall ensure that children are sent to school,” she said.

In a statement, she said her government had implemented various schemes such as free education, free books and other accessories besides uniforms, bus passes and laptops, among others.

The government was also providing Rs 500 assistance monthly to former child labourers who were pursuing higher education, she said.

Every year on June 12 the World Day Against Child Labour is observed to raise awareness of the plight of child labourers.


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