Rajasthan Science Congress at Amity University, Jaipur

The 5th Rajasthan Science Congress is being organized by Amity University from October 13-15. In the same Endeavor Amity Law School is organizing a three days conference on various themes relating to Sustainable development of the state of Rajasthan and role of strong institutions in maintaining peace, security and imparting Justice.

Call for Papers

This three day conference offers a platform for scholarly discussions among the experts/ academicians/Research scholars/ students and corporate delegates on various aspects/sub themes of Sustainable development.

Papers – theoretical, empirical or case studies, on various aspects of sustainable development as given below are invited.

Theme 1: Sustainable Development across the globe/international scenario

  • Nexus between Science, Technology and Sustainable development
  • International laws/conventions/protocols and Environment
  • Regulatory Mechanisms for Peace and disputes across the globe
  • Role and contribution of various strong Institutions across the globe

Theme 2: Sustainable Development in India and the State of Rajasthan

  • Scope of Sustainable development in India and Rajasthan
  • Legal aspects and procedures in Sustainable Development
  • Peace, Justice and role of Strong Institutions like Green Tribunal, NGO’s and other
  • Adjudication

Theme 3: Sustainable Development and Environment

  • Environment Pollution/ Globalization/ Ecological balance
  • Global warming, Climate change and Legal responses
  • Environment, Ethics and Sustainable development
  • Environment protection and sustainable development
  • Water, air and environment pollution, Forest Conservation
  • Laws on protection of forest and wildlife

Theme 4: Constitution of India and Sustainable Development

  • Right to life, liberty and freedom of expression
  • Right to wholesome environment
  • Right to Health
  • Writ jurisdiction and Sustainable development

Theme 5: Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Role and Contribution of Corporate in Sustainable development of India
  • Company law and provisions of CSR
  • Protection of Environment under the purview of Sustainable Environment Protection and CSR

Theme 6: Sustainable Development and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Development of Traditional knowledge, Geographical Indication
  • Intellectual Property Rights and sustainable development
  • Role of government and other authorities in development of Intellectual Property


Dr. Nitesh Saraswat, Associate Professor, Amity law School, Amity University, Jaipur
Email: nsaraswat@jpr.amity.edu, Mob: 9828389503

Dr. Rajni Parmar, Associate professor, Amity law School, Amity University, Jaipur
Email: rparmar@jpr.amity.edu, Mob: 9309360600

Brochure: 5th-Rajasthan-Science-Congress-Conference

Website: http://www.rsc2017.in/



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