Publication and Sale of book on Baba Ramdev restrained by Delhi court

A city court has restrained Juggernaut Books from publishing and selling a book on yoga guru Ramdev’s life, titled Godman to Tycoon: The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev, after a suit was filed on behalf of Ramdev.

Additional Civil Judge Nipun Awasthi’s order came on the application, which prayed that the injunction to be granted without giving a notice to the publisher, as any such notice would cause delay and thereby defeat the purpose of the injunction.

Granting the injunction, the court said that the publishers are “restrained” from publishing and selling the book until further orders. The court also ordered the same for online portals retailing the title, and stated that any pending delivery of this book to the buyer (should) be stopped immediately.

The court ordered Juggernaut Books to issue directions to vendors to prevent the sale of the title until further orders.

“The direction may be issued by the defendant… by way of public notice or any effective means of conveying it all,” the court order said. The matter will be heard next on September 1.

“Godman to Tycoon is a work of serious journalism. It is the product of over 50 interviews, many of them taped, with key players in Ramdev’s life, including with Ramdev himself and close aides and family members.
The book contains a detailed 25-page note on sources that lists the interviews, articles, police reports and RTI replies that are the basis of each chapter,” stated the release.


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