Part-time Career: Marketing Manager (Paid) Positions at Legal Desire Media & Publications

Legal Desire ( is ranked among world’s leading legal blogs with outreach of 3Million+ Readers every month, 6 Lac+ Subscribers, 85K Facebook Followers. Legal Desire is the one stop destination for all legal curiosities including latest legal news, judgments, research papers, publications, career, interviews, ranking and review etc. We are in 5th year of our continuous publication and currently has team of 300+ across globe.

Legal Desire is looking for Marketing Managers for Delhi NCR & Mumbai Region.

Eligibility:   Law Graduate or MBA Degree Holder from recognised Institutions

Skills: Corporate Communications, Leadership, Fluent English, Marketing Skills, Drafting of Proposals & Letters.

Job Type: Part-time

Work Profile :

1. To get in contact with the institutions/organisations of Delhi NCR to secure advertisement/ sponsorships and to notify them about Legal Desire
2. Explaining to them the entire work of organization for tie up with them as Academic Partner, Knowledge Partner and Sponsor.
3. Encouraging the students for registering with Legal Desire Workshops.
4. Collecting database of students from institutions
6. Collaborate and coordinate with law firms for legal services provider.
7. Helping the schools in conducting the events sponsored by Legal Desire.
9. Maintaining school /organizations visit record and calling record on the spreadsheet
10. Meeting with other clients of Delhi for Legal Desire services brief.

Stipend: Rs.10,000/month on performance

Application Procedure: Apply with CV and Photo to



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