Part 3: Evidences & Circumstances that speak it wasn’t suicide

Jiah Khan Death Mystery: Investigation for Truth

Bollywood actor Jiah Khan (25) was found hanging in her room in 2013 by her mother and a letter she wrote alleged that actor Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj Pancholi cheated on her, physically abused her and forced her to have an abortion.

Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia has claimed that a forensic report by a private British agency questions CBI’s theory about her daughter’s death. The new report says it wasn’t a suicide. Jiah Khan was found hanging in her own apartment on June 3, 2013. Sooraj Pancholi is facing trial in the case for abetment to suicide, has said all he wants is a speedy and fair trial.

The report by UK-based forensic physician Jason Payne-James, claims that Jiah’s hanging “was staged”, further questioning the CBI’s theory that the actor’s death was a suicide. The report is based on copies of the medical board’s opinion submitted before the CBI, the photographs from the spot including those of the dead body and CCTV footage.

As a matter of fact, the circumstances that prevail before commitment of crime is an important facet in it’s investigation in order to join the dots to reach the conclusion.

In the case of Jiah Khan, there also existed certain circumstances which hinted whether it was a suicide or not. It was just a matter of taking a peculiar look.

First of all, the track suit that Jiah Khan was seen wearing in the CCTV footage before the alleged suicide went missing from the crime scene. She was found hanging in her night dress. Now, the question is that why would a person with the mindset to commit suicide change clothes first. The absence of Jiah Khan’s tracksuit  that she was wearing in CCTV footage raises many concerns that it could be removed by any other person.

On the day of the suicide, as per the recorded chat ,Jiah Khan was excited to fetch her sister who was arriving that night from London and she was ready to go to bed before the alleged suicide.

The second question in such a situation which arises is Jiah Khan who was in a state of excitement for the arrival of her sister, why would she suddenly commit suicide ? Doesn’t this raise doubts …why didn’t she wait for her sister to arrive when she was excited for the same ? Why was a psychologist not called and consulted to study her behavioral patterns before the alleged suicide.  It surely raises doubts in the way investigation was conducted and the way all other possibilities were ruled out and it was declared a clear case of suicide.

According to the call log of Jiah Khan, she was on call which lasted for six minutes when she entered her building but when she walks in the CCTV footage does not show that she was on phone. So, was someone stalking her? Where is the missing CCTV footage? There is no investigation on this despite the fact that CCTV was in police custody for ten days.

The infamous actor and father of Sooraj Pancholi, Aditya Pancholi who also remains in news for his temperament problems was seen in the CCTV footage peeping inside Jiah Khan’s building around 11.30 but he didn’t go up to her flat and was also talking on phone. So, the next question here is what was he doing around Jiah Khan’s building at such an hour? What business was he taking care of?

As per the Forensic Expert, there were multiple signs of struggle not only on the body but also at the crime scene. Locks on the window  were also broken.  The front door was protected by a finger print sensor and digital number and shockingly the accused in this case, Sooraj Pancholi shared the apartment with Jiah Khan and had access. Why was there no investigation on the same? Is this not an important fact that accused had access to the deceased apartment where the alleged suicide took place. To add, as per the reports there was no other locking system.



Many strands of this case has been left out and not investigated. As per the report, missing DNA on the crime scene can be a sign of crime scene staging and crime scene clean up. The missing track suit raises much concern and also suggest crime scene clean up and requires further investigation.




Looking at all these aspects and the questions that have been left unanswered, the investigation of the accused and other suspects must be continued to get answers to multiple questions that have been raised.







Justice needs to be served in this case and it should begin with proper, ethical and unbiased investigation because justice must not only be done but seen to be done.


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