Over 2 lakh cancellations every day due to Gujjar agitation, says IRCTC

Since the gujjar agitation started, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) officials claim there have been more than 2 lakh cancellations every day against 1.1 lakh cancellations being done normally on their website, leading to several malfunctions for an online user such as inability to access the site, failure to complete the transaction, long waiting time, improper ticket transaction and forced log out.

Issuing a statement, the Ministry of Railways said that they had expanded their computer server output to augment the booking capacity on the IRCTC website to counter the problem.

The statement read, “The situation was at its worse during mornings, when the average hits increased from 10 million to 30 million. Further aggravating the situation, cancellation of one journey normally leads to a revised application for reservation on an anticipated future date. All of these factors together lead to a sudden upsurge of hits on the IRCTC website and the consequent malfunctioning.”

“The IRCTC website is not geared for such abnormal increase of traffic, which has led to such problems. However, steps have been taken to mitigate the problem in this moment of crisis, and additional server is being put in place to augment the booking capacity of the site and to cope with the increased traffic”, the statement further said.

When asked about the new initiation which will ensure that the crisis can be dealt in future, IRCTC Manager (Public Relations) Sandip Datta said, “At present, the website can handle the issuance of only 7,200 tickets per minute, which is much lower than the actual demand. Thus, Rs 180 crore has been sanctioned over phases in five years for the development of the website.”

“All filters on the new website such as train list, class of journey, and seat availability will work on the client’s computer, thus reducing network latencies and load on the servers. Further, there will be a separate connection with the banks regarding the payments, which will enhance speed and performance, with less probability of the payments being stuck in the midst of a transaction. The new website will have enhanced security and fraud detection facilities, and one can also resume incomplete transactions lost due to connectivity issues,” Datta added.

Source: ENS