Online Negotiation Certificate Course to boost your Legal Career; Register by 31st Dec’17

By the Negotiation Academy – the world’s first, fully online, full semester negotiation training for lawyers and law students.

As (future) lawyers, negotiation skills are what carry your legal skills and bring them to their daily use. From the early morning client call, to appearing before the judge, from deciding the case strategy with your client to settling a case with the opposite party, from convincing the opposing counsel to agree on a timeline in arbitration to deciding indemnity clauses, shareholder’s rights, lease terms, fees and infinite other jobs a lawyer is engaged in, how you negotiate becomes the most relevant variable to determine what kind of lawyer you will be.  Yet none of us have even been taught how to do it, let alone do it well!

Dr. Claudia Winker, Founder of the Negotiation Academy, is a graduate from the Harvard Law School and has coached 1000s of law students and lawyers across Europe, the US, Australia, Africa and India. In her work she found one universal truth: Top lawyers must be top negotiators. And negotiation must and can be learned – the earlier the better!

Negotiation Academy is the world’s first, fully online, full semester negotiation training, and it is especially tailored for lawyers and law students. Over the course of 3-4 months, the Academy’s Master Negotiator Certificate Course is providing a mix of video lectures, expert insights, peer negotiation exercises, quizzes, reflection papers, forum discussions and debrief videos to equip the participants with the core skills of every legal negotiator, and give ample opportunities to practice and learn with cases and negotiation instructions. An additional 60+ interviews with global leading practitioners like Gary Born and Martin Hunter sharing their negotiation experiences and tips ensure that the mix of theory, practice and practical insight leads to the best outcomes in an e-learning environment. Successful students will be awarded a certificate of completion, complemented by certificates of excellence for the top performers of each batch.

The Registration Deadline for the Master Negotiator Course is 31st December 2017. For the batch starting in January, a global community from India, US, Europe, China and Africa are already registered. Make the most of this opportunity now with the special -50% pre sale and get an additional 10% off using coupon code “legaldesire”.

The full curriculum, FAQs, sample modules and a free introductory course can be found on

Start learning and get your legal edge right now:



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