NLUJ Law Review (Volume 5, Issue 1)

The NLUJ Law Review is the flagship journal of National Law University, Jodhpur, established with the objective of promoting academic research and fostering debate on contemporary legal issues in India. It is a bi-annual, double-blind student reviewed and edited journal focusing on an inter-disciplinary approach towards legal writing. The remit of the Review is not restricted to any particular field of law, but broad enough to include national as well as international legal and policy-related issues.

Nature of Submissions:
The NLUJ Law Review invites original, unpublished manuscripts from all academicians, authors, legal professionals and students from India and abroad, under the following categories:

  • Long Articles (6500 – 8500 words):
    This category is designed to comprehensively deal with and provide a sustained analysis of a particular legal topic. It must analyze the current practice in the field, identify the lacunae therein, along with providing constructive suggestions. Author(s) are also encouraged to write analytical responses to earlier publications of the Review.
  • Short Articles (3500 – 6000 words):
    Papers in this category must undertake a more comprehensive study of specific topics, providing a new perspective and critical insight on the subject.
  • Notes and Comments (1500 – 3000 words):
    “Notes and Comments is an important feature of the Review. A note is a concise argument focusing on any recent legal controversy or debate. A comment is limited to critical appraisal of a recent judicial decisions, new legislations, or policy reform proposals.

The word limits mentioned above are inclusive of footnotes.

The last date for submission of manuscripts is 9th September, 2017 (11:59 p.m. IST).

Mr. Abhilash Agarwal

Ms. Arushie Marwah

NLUJ Law Review
National Law University, Jodhpur

Notifiaction: NLUJ_Law_Review_2017



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