Network for International Law Students India Law Review (NILR), Submit by 10th Jan’18

The Network for International Law Students India Law Review (NILR) is an initiative of the India Chapter of the Network for International Law Students. NILR is a bi-annual, open access, double-blind peer review published under the aegis of the NILS India.  The review seeks to achieve scholarly excellence under the esteemed guidance of the Advisory board. Established in pursuance to the NILS India’s core mission i.e. accessibility to the legal education and outreach of legal scholarship, this review strives to serve as a forum for students with excellence in their interests and scholarly writing.

The Journal publishes Articles, Essays, Note & Case Comments and Book Reviews.

  1. Articles/Research Papers Articles must deal with issues of contemporary interest and relevance and must demonstrate a high-level of analysis. Articles of a purely descriptive nature, unless about a development in a country or a region which may necessarily be of a descriptive nature, are not preferred.
  2.  Notes and Comments Notes and Comments that capture a recent development in any case-law or legal policy or legislative development in line with the thematic component of the issue of the Law Review.
  3. Book Review Suggestions may be sent to the Vice-President (Publications, NILS India) at


The Board of Editors of NILS India Law Review is pleased to announce its first issue.

Authors are free to write on any issues of contemporary interest and relevance, however below mentioned are some suggestive themes, which the authors can look up to:-

  1. Need for Prison Reforms.
  2. The question of characterization in Private International Law.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility and the journey so far.
  4. The future of money in India: the era of digitization and bitcoins.
  5. Transnational HR violations and how it influences the refugee crisis.




  1. Articles must not exceed 8,000 words.
  2. 2000-3000 words (exclusive of footnotes) in case of Case Notes.
  3. 1,500-2000 words (exclusive of footnotes) in case of Book Reviews.

For submissions that exceed these word counts, length will be a factor that weighs significantly against acceptance of the manuscript.

Co-Authorship is permitted to a maximum of two authors are per article.

Format of submission

  1. The main text of the paper shall be in font size 12, Times New Roman with one inch margin on both sides. Legal maxims shall be in italics.
  2. The text of footnotes and headings may be single-spaced. The font size of footnotes must be 2 points less than the text font.
  3. There must be double spacing between separate footnotes and between each heading and the body text of the content.
  4. Text and citations shall conform to the rules in Bluebook (20th Edition): A Uniform System of Citation, Twentieth Edition, published by the Harvard Law Review Association. The Journal employs footnotes as the method of citation.
  5. The Journal only accepts electronic submissions in Word Format (.doc)/ (.docx).

Anonymous Review

We review manuscripts anonymously, without regard to the author’s name, prior publications, or pending publication offers. We therefore ask that you remove all identifying information (including your name, affiliation, and acknowledgments) from the manuscript and the file name. Please also redact any identifying information in headers and footnotes. Do ensure, however, that the title of the manuscript appears on the first page.


If you have received an offer of publication from another journal, please request expedited review of your submission so that our editors will be immediately notified of your deadline. If you are confronted with an imminent deadline, and wish to request an expedited review, we request the author(s) to direct an e-mail to the Vice-President (Publications), NILS India at

An expedited review provides your piece with no competitive advantage in our process. In fact, it may disadvantage your piece insofar as it inhibits us from completing our extensive review process. To avoid this problem, we again encourage you to submit to us on an exclusive basis for a limited time period.

Mode of submission

Manuscripts submitted shall be accompanied by a covering letter with the Name(s) of the Author(s), Institution/Affiliation, the Title of the manuscript and contact information viz. Email ID and Mobile number.

All the submissions are to be emailed to

Please click for information on the NILS India Law Review.

For any query contact Shresth Vardhan (Vice-President, NILS India) at 9726668356


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