Music & IPR: All About Music Conference, 2017 at Mumbai (18-19th Sept)

All About Music conference is a knowledge and business networking platform for the music industry, developing opportunities within India (including the regional markets), creating further opportunities for Indian content into the global spectrum as well as creating additional marketing and revenue streams for international acts to gain exposure among the Indian music industry and its consumers.

The aim of this platform is to not only explore the latest developing trends of the music industry but to identify and address the increasingly crucial issue of the value gap and discuss solutions to improve this and all areas of current concerns / issues in some of the key areas mentioned below would be focused upon:

  • Legal & Rights
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Developing trends
  • Marketing & Management
  • Branded Content
  • Deployment & Distribution
  • Business & Revenue

All About Music will not only bring together the most influential personalities from the music industry under one roof, but also create a gateway for increasing business opportunities in the international market. Its focus exemplifies the importance of a knowledge platform for the evolving music industry.

To Know More and Register, Visit:


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