Mooting Tips at Glance by Roopali

Mooting is an integral part of a life of a law student. For those who are aspiring for law, Moot Court competition is basically a competition in a court like room where a hypothetical case is being given to students of law and they accordingly prepare their arguments for both sides by citing relevant laws and precedents. It gives them a slight exposure to real life litigation process while still being students.

Organizing Moot Court Competitions at national level by various law schools has now become a matter of pride for them. To excel in a Moot Court Competition and bring laurels to your Law School, following few simple and short tips may help you-

Tips for Moot Memorials

  1. Thoroughly read the rules for the competition about the memorials and use simple English without grammatical errors.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the facts and after determination of issues, establish the relationship between laws applied and facts involved. None of them work without each other.
  3. Create a brief outline as to how you would proceed with your memorial and question yourself what a judge may ask you.
  4. Pointers work better than Paragraphs.
  5. Rely more on latest Judgments and Authoritative Books to cite in your memorial.
  6. Do not blindly copy-paste from internet and prefer using reliable search engines.
  7. Presentation is valuable. Use good quality papers and spiral bind them.
  8. Take ideas from winning memorials available on the internet.

Tips for Oral Arguments

  1. Confidence helps! Nervousness won’t serve any purpose. Wear proper attire and maintain the eye contact.
  2. Do your research well. Questions from judges are not always problem or memorial based.
  3. Rehearse your arguments well and create the nexus of presentation of arguments and cases simultaneously.
  4. Time management does wonders! No judge would like to listen to long arguments which lack specific prayer. Presenting stronger points should be a priority.
  5. Honor the judge and your opponent.
  6. Carefully listen to the questions and answer them accordingly with politeness and humbleness. This may convince a judge better which a roaring tone may not do.

It is not about winning always. What matters is how greatly you convinced the judge and how amazingly you acquired the knowledge of various laws which may not be otherwise possible in a college lecture. KEEP CALM & ENJOY MOOT COURTS!

Roopali Mohan

Campus Associate

VIPS, New Delhi