Modern Law College Seminar on Reflection of Privacy Laws in Contemporary Era

The Right to Privacy per say is not a specifically guaranteed fundamental right under the Constitution of India, however the apex court has time and again interpreted it indirectly as a part and parcel of fundamental rights.

There have been instances in various cases decided by the apex court. The right to privacy in India has come a long way from the decision given in Kharak Singh’s case which was one of the first instances which incorporated right to privacy with as an integral part of right to life and personal liberty.

Subsequently, this right has come under the radar of reasonable restrictions under Article 19 (2) and with the different facets of this right been invoked by a plethora of judgments including the areas like privacy in communications, freedom of movement, physical privacy and mental privacy, Unique Identification Number related privacy, etc., there are still different facets of the right which need to be established.

With the DNA Profiling Bill, again the discussion relating to right to privacy has come on the forefront. This Seminar is therefore an attempt to analyse the right to privacy from different perspectives and check the status of this right.

Objectives of the Seminar:

To understand the various facets of Right to Privacy in India

To determine the scope of Right to Privacy which can be guaranteed

To analyse the significance of technological advancements on the restrictions on Right to Privacy

To analyse the effect of DNA profiling, biometric identification, etc. on the criminal liability on the accused.


Original unpublished research papers are invited from academicians, practitioners, researchers, scholars and students on the above mentioned objectives and related areas on the sub themes mentioned below:

Concept of Right to privacy

Judicial trends in right to privacy

Right to identity vis-à-vis right to privacy

Data privacy

DNA profiling and right to privacy

The above themes are indicative and the author can send the article on any topic related to the broad theme of the Seminar. The College will publish the selected papers in form of a Conference Proceeding having ISBN number.

Submission Procedure:

All the abstracts and full length papers shall be sent to the email:

Important Dates:

Last date for registration : 15th September, 2017.

Last date of submission of abstract and full paper : 12th September, 2017

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