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We are pleased to present before the very first edition of ‘Medico-Legal Reporter’ quarterly published by Legal Media and Publications family. This publication is informative for lawyers, doctors, students and the general public. Very few people in India are aware of Medical Negligence and legal issues concerning this act. This publication answers the question, ‘What does law have to do with Doctors in case of Medical Negligence?’ Law has to bear on all aspects of life, Medical science is also no exception. The influence of law on Medical profession has generally increased from last few decades, all thanks to lay society that has questioned the medical profession like never before and have been fighting for justice.

This Publication is a storehouse of recent cases decided by Supreme Court of India, High Courts of various States and other courts with conclusive briefs including the cause of action, contentions of both the parties, the law applied, judgment of the court and rationale of the judgment.

Through the medium of this publication, Legal Desire has entered in the vast field of Medical Science for providing in-depth analysis, research and publications for our reader’s which will benefit them for getting aware about medico-legal issues and concerns. It is must read for every practising doctor, lawyers in the field of medical negligence, both medical and law students.


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