SSC Malpractices: From Paper Leaks, Remotely Controlled Online Exams in cybercafes to Cutoff irregularities; Future of aspirants in Dark

Yes, you read it right. Staff Selection Commission an organization under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices is now being in limelight for another reason to have alleged malpractices in recruitment process be it conducting exam or cutoffs. Thousands of aspirants came together to do mass protest at SSC building demanding an investigation in malpractices done during SSC Tier 2 exam and re-examination.

SSC CGL Tier 2 was conducted during 17th-22th Feb 2018 for various positions. During the exam phases, many reports came of remotely controlled online exams and chits found in toilets. On that SSC stated technical fault in downloading of data to various centers for conducting exam due to which exam is delayed for about 2 hours but denied for such claims.

Even SSC CGL Tier 2 exam was conducted in private institutions, small cybercafes, and centers having no proper security arrangements. These types of centers are not credible at all as soon after exams various screenshots and photos of desktop/laptop screen with exam screen circulated. However, not a single pen is allowed inside the center but the online exams seemed to be remotely controlled by other persons on behalf of candidates. See some of pictures where one can easily examine how the exam is remotely controlled and given on behalf of candidates.

However, SSC issued a notice stating only technical fault and terming the news as fake.


But the candidates of the same phase exams confirmed the questions circulated in photos on various facebook handlers including SSCTube , QMaths etc.

As a result, thousands of aspirants planned mass protest on 27.02.2018 at SSC Building demanding CBI investigation and re-exams of SSC Tier 2. Many prominent teachers also agreed with the facts of irregularities in SSC Tier 2 phases.

Renowned faculties including Rakesh Yadav, Abhinay Sharma and Nitu Singh also requested on their social media handlers to aspirants to hold a peaceful protest in large numbers demanding for investigation in the matter.


When situation became tight for SSC administration, a delegate of aspirant was called to meet inside the building to hear the problems of aspirants and soon after SSC issued a notification as follows:

As per the delegation, SSC chairman was not accepting any cheating when the chairman was told about ammy admin and sachin chouhan case, he asked how do you want to proceed. He offered two options A) SIT (Special Investigation Team) and B) CBI.

He also added that CBI Investigation may take 2-3 years and the SSC Chairman wanted all the proofs in proper documented form as further another excuses for delaying this matter.

On MTS Cutoff Issue, the chairman said that SSC received representations on account of the right to privacy that marks should not be disclosed publically.

On Normalization, Chairman said that case is still pending in court. But there is high chances that SSC will adopt Normalization from 2018 onwards.

Interesting to note that SSC has it tagline ‘IMPARTIALITY, OBJECTIVITY & SUITABILITY’ but we don’t see it practical application after so many instances.

Let’s hope for something good, coz in era of falsely depicted Digital India the reality is that Indian youth is fighting for their rights. While paid media are busy in playing tapes of debates of Hindu-Muslim, Anti National and National Debates tapes and hiding the main real issues of countries….



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