Komorebi: Wildlife Week

Have you ever thought of how your daily routine complements wild_life? If not, this is the time to indulge in willful thinking. Nurture Nature Global and PU Mirror, in collaboration with Legal Desire, Unmukt Bharat and Rotaract Club of Chandigarh, join hands for ‘Komorebi: Mark your Wilderness Around’. This October 3rd to 15th, capture everything that makes you go out of the usual lane, take up an adventure or give you a rush. Capture your animal spirit.

‘Komorebi: Mark the Wildlife Around’ is an online event, aiming to make use of the digital medium to make the clarion call of wildlife conservation heard. While various measures and campaigns aiming at the same get initiated and end, ‘Komorebi’ forces the participant to think on the wildlife status than merely act for the sake of entry


How will the event unfold?
The online event launches on October 3rd. It is designed to accept entries in three categories, till October 15th, post which the result will be declared:

While the first and third category are individual based, the second one shall take team entry. All three shall take in the vision of wildness or wilderness of the entrant via mediums as the category specify.

Detailed Brochure


Download Posters:



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