Journal of Juvenile and Family

Journal of Juvenile and Family Law (ISSN: 2446-2101) is Peer Reviewed Journal. It seeks to encourage scholarship in the field of juvenile and family laws. It has been established with the objective of becoming a formidable instrument in taking the standard of legal research in the country up by several notches.

The Journal aims to publish articles, case comments, book reviews on all aspects of law and related issues and its objective is to giving the opportunity to students, legal academia, research scholars, advocates and activists working for enhancement and implementation of legal scholarship.

Volume III is scheduled to be published in December 2017.


  • Family and law.
  • Familial philanthropy and economic rights in a family (e.g. in undivided Hindu family)
  • Women as daughters and brides (social and legal rights in natal and marital homes)
  • Live in relationships as new form of family.
  • Elderly and incapacitated persons – care and protection.
  • Hindu undivided family.
  • Changing patterns of family.
  • Marriage and law.
  • Inter caste and inter religious marriages.
  • Succession and inheritance rights.
  • Marriage as a tool to achieve individual and group aspirations.
  • The institution of marriage.
  • Legal and social resolution of marital conflict.
  • Reproductive rights of women, surrogacy and adoption
  • Abortions and women’s choices.
  • Right to Abortion vs. Sex Selective Abortions.
  • Traditional surrogacy contracts.
  • Legal issues on surrogacy.
  • India as a field for commercial surrogacy.
  • Health issues and Rights of surrogate women in India.
  • Surrogacy vs. Prostitution: Use of women’s body.
  • Laws of adoption.
  • Adoption by single women.
  • Use and misuse of DNA technology and paternity matters.
  • Violence against women and the media.
  • CEDAW and PWDVA – the law, loopholes and implementation.
  • Dowry and marital rape.
  • Media and reinforcement of traditional gender roles.
  • Juvenile Justice System in India: Need for systemic changes.
  • Recent trends in Juvenile Justice system.
  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015.
  • Juvenile Justice and Convention on the Rights of Child.
  • Juvenile Justice: Constitutional Perspective.
  • Juvenile Justice System in Common Law Countries.
  • Right to Education and Juvenile Justice.
  • Adoption under Juvenile Justice System.
  • Terrorism, Technology and Juvenile.
  • Juvenile Justice and Child abuse.


  1. Article/Essay
  2. Case Comment/Legislative Critique & Notes
  3. Book Review


The last date for submitting entries is 25th November, 2017.


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