Interview: Natalie Levy on joining JMB Davis Ben-David IP Firm

Ms. Natalie Levy joins US Practice team of JMB Davis Ben-David is an IP boutique specializing in intellectual property rights in the United States and Israel.
Ms. Levy is a U.S. Trademark Attorney with 15 years of experience navigating trademark applications through the USPTO, and has particular expertise in the areas of consumer goods, banking, small businesses and marketing. She received her J.D. from the Delaware Law School, and is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar.
Here is a short interview with Ms. Levy giving a view into her professional and personal lives:
1. Why did you join JMB?
I was “taken” with the small friendliness of the firm and knew this was a place of real people, who care for each other. If they care for each other, it definitely extends to the clients they serve. I have seen this myself in my short time here and look forward to developing strong lasting relationships with our clients.
2. What is your opinion of the “lean in” philosophy for women in the workplace?
I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. What I remember was “come to the table” – I believe she is right. Nobody will respect you if you do not respect yourself. That means, don’t sit in the corner….sit at the table! Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. Find mentors and allies. Keep your eye on your goals and don’t let anyone knock you down. I loved the part about “not everyone is a great worker, and not everyone is a great mommy.”
3. What do you do in your leisure time, or do you have any?
I have very little leisure time. I am Head of Development for the Emergency Service First Responders which serve the area in which I live. I am a lifeguard in the summers at our local swimming pool and head the Swim Races program. I am also a Zumba instructor. My children are aged 8-16. My husband thankfully is quite independent and has gotten used to a messy house and making meals for the family! In my leisure time I swim and play basketball. I love playing with my kids, reading, and relaxing on Shabbat. Like most people, I love cake, chocolate, and wine.
4. How did it happen that you decided to become a trademark attorney?
Becoming a trademark attorney was not necessarily my childhood dream but after finishing school I found a position working as an assistant for a trademark attorney. The experience helped me decide to go to law school and I continued working as a paralegal during the day for an IP firm. After passing the Bar, I crossed the street to work at the Public Defender’s Office in the “violent crimes” area but got nervous surrounded by all those weapons! I found I was really missing the IP atmosphere so went back to IP and have stayed in the field ever since.


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