Interview: Dr. S.C. Roy, Professor of Law, Dean-Research and Development at CNLU

Dr. S C Roy, Professor of Law, Dean-Research and Development, Co-ordinator- IQAC at CNLU

Dr. S.C. Roy is Professor of Law at CNLU, Patna. He has teaching experience of about 21 years which includes teaching in law for about 14 years besides advocacy for 5 years.  He has authored books titled “An Analytical Study of Intellectual Property Rights in India” , ” Lectures on Intellectual Property Law” and “Intellectual Property Rights: A Prismatic View(ed)”, “working of patents: Law and pharmaceutical implications(ed) “. His areas of interest are Jurisprudence, Criminology, Labour Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insurance law, Legal Research Methodology, Human Rights, Sociology of Law & English Literature. He is a visiting Professor cum resource person in Judicial Academy Patna, NIPER Hazipur, Rajendra Agriculture University Pusa, BIPARD Walmi Patna, NIRDA Patna & UGC-ASC Lucknow University. His contribution in legal field is countless.

  1. What inspired you to join law, were you able to satisfy yourself inspiration.

When I joined law, at that point of time, “studying law used to be a matter of chance not of choice”. So I also opted for law by chance only.

  1. How was your law school journey?

If I compare today’s scenario of law to my law school days, I must say, there has been a huge change. These mooting, publication and internship was not as popular as it is now. However, Academic study was of great importance. We used to study a lot.

  1. What are the opportunities that are open today to Law Students? How does one grow in this noble profession?

Time has gone when a law graduate has a career only in court as a judge or lawyer. Now Law is flooded with multiple career opportunities. Legal journalism, high paid corporate jobs in law firms, companies are attractive job opportunities. Although I think Teaching and litigation can also be good option.

  1. What’s the best thing about your job?

Best thing about my job is to make things simple or explain the Jargon in simple way and to motivate student to be more responsible and to inculcate curiosity in minds of student.

  1. Sir, according to you what is the importance of Mooting, Publication and Internships in a law student life?

I think these three co-curricular activities in law school helps to prepare a law student to become to better professional. Mooting develops skill of advocacy, skill of research, presentation and submission. Publication of research work encourages the student for further research and in this way the student can develop jurisprudential mind. Internship creates an understanding of not only skill related knowledge rather organisational understanding also.

  1. Did you face problems in taking up law teaching as a profession and how did you cope up with all this?

I never found any problem rather I enjoy my profession.

  1. What is the one thing that keeps you going?

It is my learning appetite that keeps me going.

  1. Law profession demands a lot of attention and determination and also sleepless nights, what are those thoughts, the ideas which you had in the initial days of your struggle which never let you sleep?

The struggle never ends. Prepare more and more to establish yourself in the field and trust me, once you are established, nothing can stop you then.

9.  The best experience and a success habit you would like to share as a student for our readers that would encourage them.

  • Study of the texts
  • Ponder over legal issues daily.
  • Not only law journals but other socio-economic journals should be read also.
  • Regular counselling and discussion with teacher
  • Most importantly reading daily newspapers

  1. How do you measure the success of any person in their career?

There is no yardstick as such to measure success. What success means to one does not mean to other. Acquiring knowledge through curricular and extra-curricular activities

With utmost sincerity is first step to success.This help in professional  success .More so when one works with helping attitude ,the success in profession as well as life multiplies manifold.Here the meaning of life is found not in accumulation of wealth  rather in service to humanity.

  1. What according to you should be the prime concern for law students?

Prime concern of law student must be study. The study of jurisprudence of each law paper and legal developments should be one’s concern. The student should develop researcher like attitude to achieve heights in this profession.

  1. What would you suggest for the students who are new to the law profession and those who are graduating?

One has to have contributory attitude towards the institution, organisation, firms or wherever they work. Innovative contribution can help one to achieve the feats where they aspire to be and want to belong.

  1. What would be your message to the Law students to encourage them and to grow them in their personal as well as professional lives?

Education is incomplete unless it has any social objective. Therefore, the professional life must be a searching life towards the goal of living. It must be service oriented to the society. There should not be sole emphasis on earning.

  1. In this long career when did you consider yourself a success?

If students are happy, Success for me is to see my student achieving great heights, winnings laurels, bringing glory to the institution, and using their full potentials.

  1. Sir, your views on Legal Desire and token of Love and message to our readers?

It is good platform for legal news updates, judgement analysis and other opportunities for Law students.

“If you can live for others you are happy.”

Interviewed by:

Komal, CNLU- Campus Ambassador at Legal Desire


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