Interview: In conversation with Dr. Lokendra Malik, An author, Lawyer & Teacher

Name: Dr. Lokendra Malik
Position at Firm: Senior advocate, Salman Khurshid Chambers

A charming personality with high intellectuals and very down to earth.


Question: Describe about your Law Firm, Foundation, Partners and Work areas?

Answer: I started my career as a law teacher after doing my education in 2005, I joined legal academia and taught tort law for 9 years in different institutions and then shifted to litigation as it provides vide and interesting opportunity to serve people and nation but I enjoyed my academics equally as I discussed with different future policy makers judges and share my experience.

Sr advocate Salman sir is my mentor who started his practice in 2014 and we both share the platform as an author. I have written a number of publications. Salman sir is a generous man and finding this quality and such person in this field is a tough and rare job. He is true career builder, I feel myself lucky to join him in practice line and I got a deep remarkable opportunity to work with him. He is a very good human. A man who thinks positive and inspire others. He is even my co author in many publications.

Work areas are constitutional laws, PIL, public law issues, Public law litigation, service and criminal matters.

Interesting cases upp police matters, admission of students in bihar and many more.


Question: What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

Answer:  The litigation is very demanding profession so the lawyers should have high quality of work of legal research and analysis, masters of facts, once u r clear with facts you can apply laws appropriately through which you can convince judge to hear your case. There is too much case when both sides are strong and only one wins. Its all about authenticity and adjudication, should have position to strength your case. Adjudication is based on a large no of precedents, sharp power of knowledge. You should have power of present, research skills to present case effectively.


Question: What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

Answer: Each day is a challenge for a lawyer, convincing clients, judge and getting fees from them. Because they thinks that lawyer are providing them free of cost service which is a false truth. Lawyers give their entire time and work hard to make their clients satisfied.


Question: How many hours do you work in a typical week?

Answer:  I work for almost 17 hours in a day in different capacities. I have become habitual of managing things.


Question: How would you describe the corporate culture in law?

Answer: important aspect of legal profession, nowdays everyone is going into corporate sector which is generally focused on making easy money. In litigation there is too much struggle which is diverting youths; people want to feel safe and easy while litigation is rigiorous. Not good signal for this profession.

There must be some implementations by BCI for the new coming fresher’s in legal practice as stipend of 10k to improve health of this field which is duty of state and BCI.


Question: Is this field growing enough so that there’s room for someone who is a first generation lawyer?

Answer: Very developing profession, gone are the days when people choose this as  last profession, a bright sunny day for flying colours.


Question: This industry has changed dramatically in the past years. What are your experience from inside your company? Where do you think the changes will happen in the next five years?

Answer: Yes next 5 years will provide more and new challenges and if government allow foreign companies then the corporate areas will increase and globalisation factors will be impacted rapidly and youth must be ready to accept a healthy challenge. The growing sectors are IPR, biotechnology, GST and many more.

And you cant control the challenges and we are living in globalisation. There is a unified system at world wide.


Question: What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

Answer: Hard work, sincerety, passion, patience and strong sense of learning, open minds, the moment u think u know everything u r finished.


Question: What qualifications do you seek in a new hire?

Answer: law graduation, but higher degree enhance person’s personality.


Question: Taking into account a candidate’s skills, education and experience, what other career paths would you suggest for young law students to explore before making a final decision?

Answer:  Law is deep as ocean and vast with opportunities. Many opportunities like advocates, legal consultants, specialised people, government servants, government servants, MNCs, Judge, Have their own consultancy firm. Big scope of opportunities, etc.

Latest three judgements, after independence of the country these three are hattrick for India, triple talaaq is victory to masses that are badly suffered. Proved independence of judiciary. Proved that in a secular democracy no personal law can be constitutionally valid.

Right to privacy: In secular constituency no one can rule. No one can infringe personal liberty and freedom of an individual. No one can take people for granted

The state is bound to give liberty to people.

Ram Rahim case: Great judgement which will uphold human rights and dignity and will be a path judgement for a long run.

Current CJI is a good human being, scholar, philosopher, great literature and he will fulfil the public demands and will be a great reformative. Many good updates will be there in our country. I hope that judiciary is in safe hands. He will defend and maintain independence of judiciary. Legal profession will be benefited and enriched and new updates which are pending from a long time. Legal profession will bring positive reforms. No reason to worry under his umbrella. Will fulfil expectations of legal profession.


Question: Your feedback for Legal Desire Website ( :

Answer:  I wish you all best of luck, keep working and touch the sky. I wish this media will provide really informative knowledge to all the people and will serve as a vehicle to the noble.


Interviewed by: Gunjan Bhagchandani, Executive Manager at Legal Desire


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