Interview: Ameet Mehta, Managing Partner at Solicis Lex

Advocate Ameet V Mehta is an Engineering Graduate (BE) from Pune University. He completed his International Trade Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. He did his MBA Finance from Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom. Subsequently he completed his LLB from Mumbai University. He also completed a professional course in Mergers and Acquisitions from London Business School. During the last 17 years he gained experience in various organizations in different capacities. He is a member and or Committee of various forums and Associations namely Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, Indian Merchants Chamber, Council for Fair Business Practices, Indo-American Society, Co-operative Societies Residents, Users and Welfare Association, Association of MBA’s, United Kingdom, Giants International, Hon Secretary of one of the largest ALM, Malad Mindspace, Legal Advisor to Malad Property Owners Association, Mumbai and many others. He has experience in handling diverse litigation matters. He is an expert in issues related to Criminal, Property, Redevelopment, Conveyance, 138, Recovery, Company Law Board, DRT, Mergers and Acquisitions and Consumer matters. He was one of the youngest Special Executive Officer (formerly SEM) during the period 1995 to 1999, declared by Home Ministry, Govt of Maharashtra. He actively advocates and mobilizes support for Mumbai based Cancer Patients Aid Association. He is a prolific writer and his articles are covered in various, Media, Newpaper’s, Magazines such as Times of India (Times Property), DNA, Mumbai Mirror, News Channel NDTV PROFIT, THE PROPERTY SHOW, Mid-Day, Gujarat Samachar, Bar Council Magazine, Maharashtra Co-op Housing Society Times, Accommodation Times, Spin TV and various other newspapers, news channels and magazines. He has co-authored books such as ‘Conveyance, Redevelopment and Criminal Law’ and ‘Ready Reckoner for Stamp Duty and Market Valuation 2013, 2014 and 2015’.


  1. ‘The Best Advocate and legal advisor’ by Newspaper tabloid Accommodation Times for year 2013,
  2. ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Award’ for Property matters in year 2014
  3. ‘USA Congressional Parliament award’ in year 2015 at Houston, Texas,
  4. National Real Estate Award, 2016 by Accommodation Times.
  5. President – Legal Cell, Mumbai of ruling BJP Party


Question: Describe about your Law Firm, Foundation, Partners and Work areas?

Solicis Lex provides directly or through an intermediary legal support services for litigation Court matters, research, reviewing, document production, drafting, due diligence reports, pleadings, case support with necessary infrastructure, skills and expertise in relevant areas which cater to the work environment.

Our legal support is of high quality to all our local and global clients. Our support is to not only provide services at low cost but also in a data secured environment. The strength of our solutions lies in the strength of our delivery team. We have unparalleled depth of experience in business solutions for the legal industry. Combining finance, operations and consulting experience with deep legal experience gives our clients the benefit of a comprehensive approach to their issues. We believe this exceptional base of talent is what differentiates the results our clients see when delivered by us.

Our ability of an LPO arrangement would provide real benefit to a client company on two central factors: (1) a sober assessment of the client’s legal needs and requirements; and (2) a realistic determination of whether the relevant legal services and tasks can be outsourced without sacrificing important qualitative considerations. Quality degradation, after all, will inevitably be counterproductive, resulting in the added.

The legal service of Legal Process Outsourcing is monitored by lawyers being associates of Legal Process Outsourcing and each matter is controlled and managed directly by the law firm under supervision of a solicitor and/or advocate being associate of the law firm.

The legal service includes transactional and non-transactional work.

Non-transactional work (Dispute resolution) includes civil and commercial litigation in India, domestic and international arbitration touching Indian laws.

Transactional work includes corporate, commercial, projects, Oil, gas, shipping, energy, real estate, entertainment, mining, telecommunication, banking, finance, capital market, aviation, transport, insurance, Hospitality, other Law firms and various categories.

Our team possesses years of experience along with key technology and consulting experience. All have extensive experience working for and with broad local and international exposure to understand complexities of issues.

Our legal team has been educated in reputed schools. We believe having significant depth of legal experience in both Local and International markets is critical to ensuring our clients receive the quality of work and legal expertise they need to meet the expectations of their clients.

We also believe that our ability to bring other specialized resources to the table in a short span greatly enhances the value we provide to our clients. Our focus on development of client specific intellectual capital for multi-level projects ensures continuity and support cost minimization. SOLICIS LEX is a very challenging place where each and every member individually or as a team is consistently put in to situations that require them to come out with innovative and outstanding solutions and often under very demanding situations. These vital elements are what distinguish us as our people & team who not only think out of the box but also find out solutions that are outside the preview of expertise and comfort zone.

Whether you are a Corporate group looking to manage resources efficiently and cost-effectively, an individual or a law firm strategically planning for a sustainable legal support, Solicis Lex has the services to support all your needs.


Question: What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?


  • Analytical & Problem Solving
  • Business Acumen
  • Client Service and patient hearing
  • Communication and delegation
  • Decision Making and Judging
  • Working Administratively within the Firm
  • Forward Thinking, the ability to plan for the future
  • Intrepid as ability to perform effectively in complex and difficult environments
  • Team Building and achieve success through others
  • Strategic yet tactical
  • Tough but be emotionally sensitive
  • Decisive yet inclusive
  • Know when to “flex” one opposing capability over another to achieve the right outcome.


Question: What parts of your job do you find most challenging?


  1. Managing Client expectations
  2. Keeping pace with Market competition
  3. Getting the right person during new hiring i.e the correct Talent Attraction


Question: How many hours do you work in a typical week?

Answer:  Approx. 15 Hours per day since last one year.


Question: How would you describe the corporate culture in law?

Answer: Culture is what people at the firm actually do every day and in reality it’s what people get away with in their daily manifestation of its performance expectations and behavioural norms. We recognize productivity, retention of best talents, morale of each advocate and Technology driven law firm.


Question: Is this field growing enough so that there’s room for someone who is a first generation lawyer?

Answer: Yes but there are some challenges;

  1. Money: There will be very little of it, if at all and we shouldn’t even think about money when we start and we should focus on work.
  2. Many times clients come with a Prejudiced and predatory minds
  3. Law School leaves us ill-prepared for practising before courts because of first generation lawyers.
  4. Your family, colleagues and friends will have to be the brand ambassadors till you are settled.


Question: This industry has changed dramatically in the past years. What are your experiences from inside your company? Where do you think the changes will happen in the next five years?

Answer: Foreign firms shall be entering India. The competition will be fiercer due to globalization. Foreign lawyers shall be entering India to practice in courts. The legal infrastructure should be upgraded to its best and the next 5 years shall see a sea change in the legal IT systems. Things will be online, transparent and above all more competitive.


Question: What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

Answer: Law graduates should combine their education with specializations. It can be in Tax, Property, Criminal or Information Tech, Cyber related or more towards transaction management.


Question: What qualifications do you seek in a new hire?

Answer: They should be updated with latest social cases, information on large matters which shake up the legal system and upgrade in international transactions. Mere degree shall not be of much use. Degree is just a license to start legal practice.


Question: Taking into account a candidate’s skills, education and experience, what other career paths would you suggest for young law students to explore before making a final decision?

Answer: Inclination and flair for a particular subject is very important. Sharp mind, Oratory skills, time management and high pitched speed to learn is very important.


Interviewed by: Shriya Mehta


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