International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights

The International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights, launched in October 2008, is a result of collaboration between World Health Organization, Geneva and the Indian Law Society, Pune.

Course Details:
The Diploma is a one-year course. The Diploma is awarded by the Indian Law Society (ILS), a registered public charitable trust. After confirmation of admission, the students are expected to go through the reading/study material, which will be available on the web-board, using password-controlled access to the material. Students will also be provided with the overall core texts for the overall diploma, including the WHO Resource Book on Mental Health, Human Rights and Legislation as well as other core documents.

Online activity will commence on 10th September, 2015 when the students start work on Modules 1 & 2 of the course. Students are expected to read the course work notes for Modules 1 & 2 and complete quiz questionnaires by 10th October, 2015. The first residential session starts on 26th October, 2015. During this residential session students shall attend campus lectures and workshops for 2 weeks. The residential session ends on 7th November, 2015. The second residential session lasts for one week and is at the end of the course (November 2016), to complete projects and examinations and award of the Diploma. Between these two residential sessions, students return home where they are required to complete one module per month online.

This involves completing study exercises and other homework assignments related to the module and posted on the web-board.

In addition, students are expected to complete a Project on a topic related to mental health, law and human rights. Each student will be assigned an Advisor who will help in selection of the project area and provide on-going support. One or two faculty members are allocated to each online module. They are responsible for marking the homework assignments for that module as well as providing guidance and answering students’ queries on issues regarding that module.

Minimum graduate qualification from any recognized university in any of the following subjects: Law, Medicine or Psychiatry, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work or other Social Science, Natural Science disciplines.

The Course Organizers wish to encourage persons with mental disabilities and families / carers to take part in this course, as they are critical to reform in countries and can be effective advocates for change. Hence the minimum qualification for persons with mental disabilities and families / carers will be a graduate qualification in any discipline from a recognized university.

The selection of students is based on the Statement of Purpose submitted by the student. Priority is given to students who are likely to be in a position to immediately influence the field of mental health law in their own countries.

The duly completed admission form may be submitted online or a printed copy may be completed and sent by post to the address given below or faxed to the number +91- 20- 2565-8665 (Attention Prof. Jaya Sagade).

Postal Address:
Prof. Jaya Sagade,
ILS Law College, Law College Road,
Pune – 411004 Maharashtra, India

Tuition fees for all students are USD 7000. A limited number of students, of Indian origin and residing in India, will be offered a substantially reduced tuition fee or in some cases a complete exemption from payment of tuition fees, based on economic criteria.

Note: Tuition fees include course books, printed materials. Course fees do not include travel costs, accommodation and other subsistence expenses.

Fees have to be paid within ten days on confirmation of admission. Refund of fees will be made only if cancellation of admission is done within thirty days after confirmation of admission. 10% of the fees will be deducted from the refund as administrative expenses. Refund will be calculated in Indian Rupees and then converted into Euro at the prevailing market rate.

Important Dates:

Prospectus and application forms available on website 15th January, 2015
Last date for receiving applications 31st July, 2015
Final confirmation of admission 15th August, 2015
Last date for payment of fees 31st August, 2015
Two Modules to be solved online 10th September, 2015 to 10th October, 2015
Residential session at ILS Law College 26th October, 2015 to 7th November, 2015

Prof. Jaya Sagade
ILS Law College, Law College Road,
Pune – 411004 Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91- 20- 2565-8665


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