Integrity is Everything: Why Your Reputation Matters in any Court Case

When it comes to integrity, congressional lobbyists are at the bottom of the food chain. And, according to 2015 Gallup research, they are preceded by car salespeople, members of Congress, advertisers, and business executives in that order. Just above these jobs, sixth from the bottom, are lawyers.

Now, you can excuse some of that negative perception. It is well justified by proven unethical performance in politics, banking, and big news events.

It’s also true individuals respect the intelligence, advice, and representation of attorneys when they need one. But, attorneys with a highly experienced and respected personal injury law firm know that integrity is everything.


Integrity is everything

Clients want, deserve, and expect integrity of their personal injury attorney. Understanding “integrity” helps you understand why your reputation matters in any court case. And, strangely enough, philosophers and ethicists have struggled for centuries to find the right context.


Professionals high in integrity display consistent behaviors:

  • They place a high value on how they practice as well as what they practice.
  • They provide the service promised and refuse to cut corners.
  • They avoid expediency even when working under stress and pressure.
  • They condemn the unfair advantage and refuse to bend rules.
  • They fault omission as much as commission.
  • They practice law with the best of their skill and intelligence.
  • They value trustworthiness, reliability, and their own reputations.

Integrity is everything as long as the lawyer avoids even the perception of a conflict of interest.


Why your reputation matters in any court case

Integrity describes your lawyer’s moral compass. You need a lawyer who knows right from wrong and who can explain the difference to you in simple language, But, you owe the attorney the same promise.

For example, when you need an attorney to represent you in a workers’ compensation case, you must provide honest and consistent information.

Now, the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Act assert the rights of workers who are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease: wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and more.

Unfortunately, some work injury claimants lack integrity. ABC News reported, “Thousands of Americans are getting paid for not going to work through workers’ compensation scams that even by the smallest estimates cost $1 billion a year. Workers’ comp fraud accounts for about 1 percent to 2 percent of all workers’ comp payments,”

Why reputation is everything

In legal cases, as in all human interactions, integrity is everything. Integrity means doing the right thing in all things and in all circumstances. It takes courage, but despite the risk, you do nothing to damage the perception of your integrity.

A trusted attorney has vowed to follow, live, and practice in line with ethical standards of the profession. But, as a client, you have a duty to provide the facts, records, and narratives true to your complaint. Personal injury lawyers are inclined to believe and trust their clients. As the client, you have the ethical obligation to present your issue completely and fairly.

Your personal injury lawyer has a reputation for integrity to sustain, but integrity is everything to the client, too.


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