How important is the legal arm of an organization?

Advocate Kanishk Agarwal, Founder, CriTaxCorp shares his views on Importance of Legal Arm of an organization in this write-up.

Corporate globalization and the growth in international trade have led to a rise in the demand for legal services. Holding an extensive list of clientele, it becomes obvious that numerous companies require variety of legal documents to be frequently formulated, to deal with clients so to avoid any repercussions in future. However, preparing legal documents is not an easy task; the course can be grueling at times. Even minor errors in the documents can result in potential lawsuits and legal exposure that will consume a lot of unnecessary time and money. That is why organizations need professional legal arms (consisting of expert counsels) to do the job, who can predict the future consequences which may arise in future and formulate full proof documents for the originations.

Legal arm involves highly complex subject matters and focused terminology. Usually the subject matter of any legal document is rather delicate and a large amount of money is often at stake. Hence it is extremely important to assign the legal translation task to a translator who is qualified and specialized in handling legal documents. Usually professional legal services have qualified translators who are specially trained for handling legal documents. Legal arm also helps you to maintain relationship between the members, employees as well vendors too and can always suggest you what risks are involved while dealing with clients working in dissimilar field.

Handling the employ disputes and grievances

A legal counselor plays an important role to resolve employment disputes by looking at the facts and making a judgment based on the merits of the case and the law. It examines employment relationship problems and has the power to make legally binding decisions on these matters. If you find some personal employees grievance has been established in your organization, you can take help of legal arms to resolve grievances and related issues.

Having the right terms in the agreement

Legal arm helps organizations to make each hiring step and process simpler. It will help you to write the complete recruitment process and agreements in a proper way. You can also take help of them to cross check the employment background including previous firm salary statements, experience letter, address, and references of new join. The legal arm can provide you complete support for all type of verification of new recruits.

Putting a check on departments

Legal documents can contain sensitive data and require information security. Legal arms are trained to maintain confidentiality within the boundaries of law, government agencies and the court. Legal arms will take care of all confidential matter of organization in a proper balance. The arms understand the value of secrecy or privacy in business.

Moreover, organizations can take help of these legal arms for resolution of any type of disputes with vendor, client and employees, as they provide a   pertinent legal guidance for all kind of legal issues. Another advantage of taking legal services is that it helps the organizations to communicate in house with the legal arm anytime. As they can have 24*7 quick access of legal advice at the right time to batten down the hatches, that could save money and distress.

A legal arm specializing in corporate law has the broad knowledge about business law. He can help you with all the technicalities of the case and of course assist you with all the legal aspects concerning the entire process. An experienced lawyer handling business law cases also has the skills in dealing with such issues and procedures. A legal counsel having such expertise and experiences can provide you with unlimited legal support in handling variety of clienteles.

There are many advantages of hiring a legal arm of an organization.  Legal arms help an organization to resolve all types of business related issues. In the end, to cut the story, it will be beneficial to hire a legal arm so that one can completely focus on business without worrying about legal issues.

About Author: Advocate Kanishk Agarwal is the Founder of CriTaxCorp, Mr. Kanishk Agarwal has many years of rich and diverse experience in the fields of Criminal, Taxation and Corporate law. During his career he has worked under the flagship of renowned CA Ashok Batra and thereafter with Price water house Coopers (PwC) – an esteemed international Tax Consultants  company – and subsequently with Senior Advocate Mr. Ramesh Gupta. After gaining an extensive exposure and being a technology enthusiast, Mr. Agrawal created a unique application ‘Indian Bare Acts Pack’.


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