Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Murder Trail Held Today

It has been a difficult time for the people in the States of Punjab and Haryana as they struggle to normalize themselves after the chaotic conditions created by the ‘andhbhakts’ of Ram Rahim Sing Insan, following the decision in the multiple Rape Cases against him.

As the citizens were accommodating themselves with the immense amount of property and money that the “Godman” possessed, the army and the Police personnel were busy readying themselves for the hearing in the 2 more cases pending against him.

Accused in the murder of two of his officials, Mr. Gurmeet Ram Rahin Singh ‘not so’ Insan, has been dreading today, as both his trials start.

To control the situations, the accused has been made to br present in the Court through the medium of video conferencing and the final arguments had commenced by 11:00 am , today.

The lessening of the fear of the Godman, could be observed as new witnesses have come forward to speak against him. Ram Rahim’s former driver Khatta Singh has also moved an application before the court, urging it to re-record his statement. With Ram Rahim behind bars, he says he wants to record his statement again. The court has issued notice to CBI and Ram Rahim on the plea for September 22, seeking responses whether Khatta Singh can be allowed to depose at the fag end of the trial.

Subsequently, forces have been stationed in all parts of the State, as a precaution for any disturbance that may be created by the Baba’s goons.

Chhatrapati and Ranjit Singh were murdered in 2002, and Ram Rahim was made the main accused in both these cases. As the judgment


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