GNLU: Advanced Training Programme on Appreciation of Evidence in Criminal Trial

Gujarat National Law University is going to conduct the Advanced Training Programme on Appreciation of Evidence in Criminal Trial. It is open for Advocates, Legal personnel/ Legal Advisors, Aspirants for Judicial Services, Students (pursuing full time undergraduate / postgraduate programmes in Law).

Date       : 4th – 6th August, 2017
Duration: 14 hours

About the Course:
The law of evidence is an indispensable part of both substantive and procedural laws. It imparts credibility to the adjudicatory process by indicating the degree of veracity to be attributed to ‘facts’ before the forum. The finding of the facts, the question of law and the conclusion of the court culminating into the judgments in a criminal case mainly based on the appreciation of evidence.

The rules of evidence are not applied independently from other factors and do not exist solely as a matter of academic interest. They are a dynamic set of principles which interact with other essential factors including the rules of substantive law, the rules of procedures and the substantive characteristics of many of the participants in the trial. Therefore, evidence in criminal trial may be available in any different forms and appreciation thereof is the heart and soul of the dispensation of justice delivery system.

Appreciation of evidence involves weighing the credibility and reliability of the evidence presented in the case. Hence, this course is designed to impart the practical knowledge of appreciation of different forms of evidence in criminal trial.


  • GNLU Participants: Rs. 1000/ –
  • Others : Rs. 1200/-

Note: The fees include registration charges and Course kit only. Additional charges will be applicable for breakfast, lunch and accommodation etc. In case, if, the participant requires assistance for identifying or booking accommodation, feel free to contact

Deadline: The last date for registration is 31st July, 2017

Dr. Jagadeesh Chandra T.G.
Programme Co-Ordinator
Assistant Professor of Law
Phone: +91-8128650841

Mr. Shashi Bhushan Sharma
Phone: +91-8128650840

Gujarat National Law University
Attalika Avenue, Knowledge Corridor,
Koba, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat – 382426

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