Fully Funded: Workshop in France on ‘Role of Youth Work for Participation of Young Refugees’

The EU-CoE youth partnership is looking for participants for a workshop on the role of youth work in the inclusion and participation of young refugees at local level, which will be organised in Strasbourg from 2 to 4 October and will bring together 25 practitioners, policy makers, researchers and young refugees.


The EU-CoE youth partnership is currently planning a workshop in Strasbourg, based on local practices by the youth sector of inclusion of young refugees, to be held on 2 – 4 October 2017. A second workshop is foreseen for December 2017, in Greece.

Aim and objectives of the workshop

The main aim of the workshops is to create a space for learning about approaches that youth work and youth policy use for supporting the inclusion and participation of young refugees.

During each workshop, the group of participants will:

  • Identify challenges related to youth work with young refugees and ways to address these challenges, particularly on the following themes: intercultural dialogue and learning, access to social rights, involving young women, participation in local life, autonomy
  • Analyse a local practice of youth work and/or youth policies supporting the inclusion and participation of young refugees
  • Have the space to exchange views with young refugees and with other youth sector’s practitioners and network
  • Identify support measures needed for youth work with young refugees.

The workshop will enhance the creation of knowledge about practical approaches youth work can adopt in supporting the inclusion and participation of young refugees. A handbook will be produced on the basis of the workshop outcomes.

The programme of the workshop includes sessions on:

  • Learning and sharing youth work related challenges and approaches, based on practice,
  • Learning more about opportunities for supporting youth work with young refugees,
  • Networking with youth work partners from other contexts,
  • Analysing existing local practices through the lens of how they support young refugees’ inclusion and participation.

The programme will be based on the analysis of local youth work practices with young refugees from Strasbourg (France) and Ortenaukreis (Germany) and the practices shared by participants from other countries.


The workshops should bring together 25 participants. Participants need to be:

  • Involved in different roles in youth work practice with young refugees, either as young people (unaccompanied minors, young refugees), or youth workers, or managers of youth work structures, or policy makers supporting youth work

    programmes, or youth researchers,

  • Motivated to share and learn from practice and to contribute with their know-how to the

    programmeof the workshop,

  • Able to express themselves in English or French,
  • Residing in one of the countries signatories to the European Cultural Convention.


Fully Funded

All the costs related to participation in the workshop (travel and visa costs, meals and accommodation) will be covered by the EU-CoE youth partnership, according to the rules in place. Only participants who attend the entire workshop will be reimbursed.

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