For extension of Tenure in NBCC, Anoop Kumar having Corruption accusation given a vigilance clearance: How is it justified?

Anoop Kumar Mittal is an accused in a corruption case, registered by CBI, for the corruption in Rs. 2150 crores redevelopment project of ITPO Complex Pragati Maidan. Even the FIR has been filed by CBI against him addressing him as Accused No. 1 on 22.12.2017. There are various other complaints and allegations of tender-scam, corruption and irregularities against Mr. Mittal in various projects by undertaking National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd.  (NBCC) during his tenure. Complaints and other adverse remarks against decisions taken by him to favour certain industrialists in violation of tender norms etc. have been pointed out by the CAG, Inter Ministerial Committee, Chief Technical Examiner (technical wing of CVC) and other senior offices of NBCC.

Despite of such serious charges against him, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has given a vigilance clearance to him and the DoPT has recommended his name for extension of tenure as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of NBCC which is complete against the CVC guidelines. The decision for the extension of the tenure is yet to be taken in the upcoming meeting of the Appointment’s Committee of the Cabinet (ACC).

Some documents came into limelight establishing beyond doubt that Mr. Mittal has misused his power and authority to give undue financial favours to select companies by inflating project-costs, paying undue-escalation in costs, not levying penalties or interest on advances, not encashing their performance bank guarantees, deleting loss-making items from their scope etc. thereby causing loss of Rs.100-300 crores to the exchequer. Many such instances are there in 10 projects for construction of Medical College-cum Hospital for ESIC (Mandi/HP, Lucknow & Kanpur/UP, Bihta/Patna, Ayanagaram & KK Nagar/Chennai, Jiapur & Alwar) and Govt. Of Haryana (Mewat & Sonepat).

Everyone is looking forward for the government’s action and the just decision of the ACC regarding the extension of tenure. It would be highly injustice if the decision of the ACC will go in favour of Mr. Mittal.

Adv Prashant Bhushan wrote to Prime Minister on this issue.



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