Connaissance – Annual Literary Fest, 2017

Institute of Law, Nirma University is conducting its Annual Literary Fest – Connaissance 8.0, which sets a stage for students across the country to showcase their talents on a national platform. The Institute would host the event from 15th-17th September 2017.
  Connaissance is the annual literary fest of Insitute of law, Nirma university located in the vibrant, culturally diverse city of Ahmedabad. What began as a student initiative to inculcate among the young masses a spirit of literary enthusiasm; has now become a vision not only highlight the importance of literature but also to successfully put forth a platform for the youth to develop the new ideas beyond the literary sense.

Connaissance stands to achieve its lofty objective of developing and nurturing a taste of literature and art in the student fraternity and reviving a true culture of debating among the youth of the nation. 

The list of events is as follows :
1. National Parliamentary Debate – An Asian style (3 on 3) parliamentary debate. There would be 5 prelim rounds and the panel judging the teams would be of an odd no. of adjudicators. The adjudicators would also be judged by the team they are a part of and reviewed. This is a flagship event.
2. Youth Parliament  – A format that has become popular due to its congruence to the way Indian Parliament functions and hence will provide a platform for the young
​ ​minds to learn the parliamentary procedures and will have two houses – Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
3. National Quiz Competition – Two quizzes will be held under this flagship event.
4. Connas-Mo! – Talk with eminent authors to give the participants an opportunity to interact with them and stimulate an intellectual area open to the literary geniuses as well as enthusiasts.
5. Picture Patch – Participants will have to create abstract posters on spot, this is to give a platform to new forms of art and modes of its dissemination.
6. Meraki – An art and photography exhibition which will stimulate a flair of artistic creativity in minds of students
.Themed on “Rooted Evolution”, this time it would also showcase ancient forms of art.
7. Airplane Poetry Workshop – First of its kind in Ahmedabad, to give room to the new form of poetry recitals in front of eminent personalities.
Urvashi N Jain, Chairperson
Angad Ahuja, Secretary
Mani Shankar, President, Youth Parliament
Swarna Hardirkar, Chairperson, Literary Committee


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