How to Clear a Canadian Criminal Record?

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Society is governed by a set of laws to ensure the public safety and protect citizens from criminals. However, you could end up charged with a crime because of a momentary lapse of judgment or an affiliation with the wrong people. If you have a criminal record, it can set you back in life and present you with less opportunity. While this may be bad news, did you know there is a way for you to clear your name?

Why You Need to Clear Your Criminal Record?

A criminal record has the potential to ruin your life. Potential employers have policies and procedures in place against hiring criminals, finding gainful employment may no longer be an option for you. As a criminal, you are now set on the outskirts of society and gaining access to the financial system and legal system may be difficult. Lenders will view you as a high risk and chances of securing a mortgage, car lease or hire purchase agreement become less likely.

Receiving a criminal record reduces your quality of life. Think of it as an imaginary fence around you, blocking you from all the benefits that fully functional members of society receive. As a criminal, you are confined to the country that they live in, as international governments will not allow criminals to access their country.

A Second Chance with Record Suspensions

There is still some good news for criminals that did not commit serious crimes and have completed their sentences. You can apply for a record suspension with the Canadian Parole Board Services. A record suspension seals your criminal record and removes it from the CPIC, Canadian Police Information Centre. Any background searches conducted by your future employers or financial services firms will not return any results of your previous convictions.

A record suspension gives former criminals a second chance at assimilating into society and the opportunity to become productive members of society that add value to the community. A record suspension means that you do not have to be concerned with the judgment of your colleagues and peers, allowing you to function in society without the constraint of a criminal record holding you back.

If at any time you commit another offense and are indicted for a crime, Federal authorities have the right to unseal your records and use them against you in court. If you are awarded a record suspension, then make sure that you do all you can to avoid another day in court.

Work with Professionals to Clear a Canadian Criminal Record

If you think that you could qualify for a record suspension, then speak to a local National Pardon consultant to assist you with your application. The process of applying can take between twelve to twenty-four months and use a consulting service can dramatically cut the amount of time that you spend waiting for approval of your pardon. Trying to do it yourself will probably leave you confused, so choose to take the hassle out of applying for your record suspension and work with professionals that are experienced and improve the chances of a successful application.


Contributed by National Pardon Centre , A Canadian non-profit organization clearing criminal records since 2002.



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