Chennai trust moves SC for deportation of Rohingyas

A Chennai-based trust has moved to Supreme Court, seeking “deportation” of “illegal Rohingya Muslim refugees”. The trust has stated that their presence posed “social, economic and security” threat to India and that Myanmar should be pressured to resolve the crisis within its borders.

“Rohingya conflict is undeniably a massive humanitarian disaster and even United Nation officials have taken note of it. But such cataclysms although irremediable are best addressed locally within the home state i.e. Myanmar, by way of exerting international pressure or by working out a roadmap with the Burmese government or by sending shiploads of aid and so on, and on the other hand, India cannot solve this crisis by importing and welcoming it”, the application filed by Indic Collective Trust through Advocate Suvidutt Sundaram and J Sai Deepak said.

The trust has sought the apex court’s permission to implead in a petition filed by two Rohingya refugees challenging the Centre’s plan to deport them.

The application has said Rohingyas were “denied citizenship under the 1982 Burmese citizenship law, after which they migrated to nearby countries like Bangladesh and India. As of today, around 40,000 and more Rohingyas are residing in India and are identified as illegal immigrants by the government.


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