Call For Papers:National Seminar on Consumer Justice, Market and Globalization

Guidelines for Submission of Paper
Please send research paper/article Abstract on or before 25th Jan, 2016 and the full paper
article on or before 5th February 2016 with following instructions given below
1. The research paper article should be focused on the technical session/themes and subthemes
of the seminar.
2. Manuscripts must be original, in about 5000 words. It should be composed in MSWord.
Font size-12 and follows UK English with APA referencing style.
3. Each research paper/article must be accompanied by an Abstract in about 300 words.
End notes and references are necessary. A brief bio-line about the writer should
accompany the research paper/article.
4. Research paper/article may be submitted through e-mail at
5. Few selected papers presented in the seminar will be considered for publication with
ISBN number by a reputed publisher.



Brochure :