Call for Papers : National Seminar On Dalits in India: Debating Subalternity and Exclusion

The seminar is intended to be part of our next volume on Subalternity, Exclusion and Social Change in India with special focus on Dalits as Subaltern group. The Seminar will deliberate on the following themes:-

• Who are Dalits and who are Subalterns? Subalterns have been defined more in relation to excluded and subordinated social groups than in a binary opposition to the elite. Subalternity is a condition of subordinate relations. Under subaltern groups in India,low castes (Dalits), minorities, women, peasantry and tribes are covered. The subalterns within subalterns, defined as differential subalternity and subalterns within various levels of subalternity as multiple subalternity are also noticed. Dalit is a subaltern group but even within Dalit, the social experiences of different Dalit groups have not been similar. Some of them have been subjected to extreme level of social distance and exclusion than some others.

• Social reproductions of Dalits in India.

• Routes of Dalit’s emancipation and empowerment.

• Dalits and Neo-liberal policies.

• Social and political processes of Dalit empowerment. Scholars, bureaucrats, media and NGOs from all over India and abroad are invited in the Two- Day Seminar on 28th -29th November 2015.

Call for Papers: – Interested Scholars are requested to write their papers on either of the above Sub-themes. Scholars may send their abstracts within 300 words latest by 30th October, 2015 to or

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