Call for Papers: International Review of Human Rights Law

The International Review of Human Rights Law is an annual, online and open-access law journal. The journal is an effort to address Human Rights issues around the world. The journal accepts original scholarly works on all human rights issues, by practitioners, academics and students. The papers can be in the form of articles, case notes, book reviews and responses. The journal encourages a comparative and empirical analysis of the human rights issues.

Submission Guidelines:

    • Submissions have to be made only via email. Please send the manuscript to
    • Use Times New Roman as font theme, font size – 12 pt, line spacing – 1.5.
    • The submissions can be in the forms of Articles, Case Notes, Book Reviews and Responses to scholarly works published in law reviews or books.
    • Length of Submissions:
      • Articles: 6000 – 10000 words
      • Case Notes: 2500 – 3000 words
      • Book Reviews: 2000 – 3500 word
      • Responses: 3500 – 4000 words


      The word limits are inclusive of footnotes. Submissions must contain an Abstract of 150 – 300 words in total. All the submissions must be accompanied by a covering letter containing academic qualifications of the author / authors. Authorship of papers is limited to two authors. Name of the author / authors must not be provided in the submissions. Please use footnotes in citations. The journal accepts Bluebook 19th Edition, OSCOLA 4th Edition and the citation style formulated by the journal.


  • Submissions must not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third parties. The submissions must not contain any obscene, offensive, defamatory or racially prejudiced materials. The author / authors will indemnify the journal in case of any infringement.

Review Process:
The author will be informed within 15 days from the date of submission regarding the Editorial Board’s decision to accept the submission for review process or not. The review process will be rigorous and the journal expects authors to be available during the review process. The Editorial Board will review the submission carefully on the criterion of scope, content, structure, research, analysis, creativity, accomplishment of the paper’s purpose and inclusion of counter-argument in the submission. Submissions will be rejected if they are plagiarized. All the communications have to be through email only.

The last date for submission of manuscripts is 24th August, 2016.

Mr. Aditya Shukla
Managing Editor,
International Review of Human Rights Law,
401, Sai Homes, Vidya Nagar,
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
Phone: +91- 8962986407


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